The US began investigating allegations targeting Samsung

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In a statement released on March 1 (local time), the USITC said it ” decided to hold an investigation into certain LTE compatible communications devices. the investigation is described in the commission’s investigation notice

The USITC says the Evolved Wireless filed a complaint on February 1 this year, which ” alleges violations of article 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 on imports to the US and the sale of certain communication equipment. LTE compatible communications certain in violation of the patent held by the plaintiff

An industry official revealed that Evolved Wireless previously filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and other companies for illegally using its LTE technology years ago, And this year’s lawsuit also seems to have the vile purpose of seeking some of the profits from the big players in the market.

Evolved Wireless is a non-practice entity (NPE), that is, a company or person that holds a patent or patent related right. However, instead of producing or utilizing patented inventions, NPE seeks profit by negotiating the licensing of its patents.

Mỹ bắt đầu điều tra những cáo buộc nhắm vào Samsung - Ảnh 1.

According to Article 337, the USITC will investigate allegations of unfair competition practices related to patent infringement. In this case, despite an investigation, USITC has not made any decision yet.

The committee leader will assign the case to one of the organization’s administrative law judges. This examination will make the initial decision, whether there is a violation of Article 337 or not. A final decision will be made within 45 days of the initiation of the investigation.

Formerly known as 4G LTE, LTE (short for “long-term evolution”) is a wireless broadband communication standard for mobile devices. The USITC says the scope of the investigation includes ” LTE compatible phones, tablets, and smartwatches “.

Regarding the incident, a Samsung Electronics official stated that ” the company does not comment on the ongoing investigations

The USITC is also reviewing a Ericsson patent infringement complaint against Samsung. The investigation was held after the Swedish telecommunications equipment giant filed a complaint with the commission in January, claiming that Samsung illegally used patented wireless communication technology. invention.

Reference: KoreaTimes

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