The unique iPhone 11 Pro with a skewed logo is sold for $ 2,700

Tram Ho

A unique iPhone 11 Pro is for sale on Twitter for up to $ 2,700, 2.7 times higher than the original selling price. So what makes this iPhone 11 Pro so special?

A design error on the back of this iPhone 11 Pro caused the “apple bitten” logo to be deviated completely to the side. The rate of such errors is very rare, especially since the iPhone has passed so many tests and is sold to consumers, the analysis said. This is only about one in 100 million, or even less.

Chiếc iPhone 11 Pro độc nhất vô nhị với logo bị lệch được rao bán với giá 2.700 USD - Ảnh 1.

Visually, we can also see the Apple logo on the back of this iPhone 11 Pro slightly skewed to the right. Not only that, it’s also a bit tilted. Usually such buggy versions are destroyed during testing, before the iPhone is shipped.

A similar case happened in 2015, when an iPad Pro shipped with a rare bug, with a yellow Touch ID ring on a silver version. Normally, the silver version will have the corresponding silver Touch ID ring.

It is design flaws that make these devices unique. And some collectors want to own them because of their rarity. However, for some people who love perfection, the sideways apple logo is likely to make them feel uncomfortable.

Reference: 9to5mac

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