The U.S. has accused Huawei of fraud and conspiracy to steal trade secrets

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According to the indictment just published on February 13 in the New York District Court, the US government charged Huawei with fraud and conspiracy to steal trade secrets.

The third crime is engaging in electronic fraud (wire fraud) to steal trade secrets. Here are three new charges added to more than 10 other charges against Huawei since January 2019. Huawei denied this charge.

The battle between the Trump administration and Huawei took place more than a year ago when U.S. officials launched a campaign to urge allies not to use Huawei equipment and take other measures to prevent public growth. ty.

Earlier, the United States accused Huawei of bank fraud, violating Iran sanctions. The latest indictment also revealed details about Huawei’s business operations in Iran and North Korea.

The US Justice Department has accused Huawei of lying about its relationship with a company called Skycom, supporting Iran in domestic surveillance activities, including a demonstration in Tehran in 2009. Federal prosecutors claimed Huawei gave giving false statements to US officials, including FBI agents, representatives from the House Intelligence Committee.

Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou was also named as the defendant. In addition, a number of other individuals have not been arrested and publicly.

In response to the new allegations, Huawei accused the US government of trying to damage the company’s reputation for reasons of competition instead of law enforcement. Huawei also asserted that Meng did not do anything wrong and believed that the US court would eventually conclude such a conclusion.

Canada is in the process of deciding whether to extradite Meng to the United States to attend hearings. Meng was arrested at Vancouver Airport in late 2018 at the request of the United States. Huawei said it believes in Canada’s justice system and will prove Ms Meng’s purity.

This is just one of several legal battles between Huawei and the US. Huawei has also been accused of stealing trade secrets in Washington. Huawei recently sued Verizon for copyright infringement.

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Source : Techtalk