The time for online sales to evade taxes is over

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The seller “happy”

Local tax departments have sent invitations to sellers about tax declaration due to business activities on the e-commerce floor. Many sellers have long been worried about paying taxes. Ms. Nguyen Van (HCMC) selling goods on the Shopee e-commerce platform said that after finishing high school, she went to work as a worker for a while, accumulated money as capital, and Ms. Van bought goods to open a shop (booth-PV). sell on Shopee.

“Selling on Shopee is very strong, like dropping a fishing rod, having fish to fish, not having it. Because of the mentality of opening a shop, having customers makes a profit, without customers, I have nothing to lose, so I chose to open a stall here,” said Ms. Van.

According to Ms. Van, due to the high value of the goods, the lowest price for each product is also 400,000, the sales of the shop are large. Van calculated, if tax arrears from 2018 to now, the total amount of tax she has to pay is up to 345 million VND, not including fines.

“In 4 years of trading, I saved 150 million dong in profit, not enough to pay taxes and fines. Before that, I paid a fee of 7% of the total order value to the e-commerce floor, so I thought it included tax. After reading the information, the tax agency arrears, if anyone does not pay, they may be prosecuted for criminal responsibility, imprisoned, I can’t eat or sleep,” said Ms. Van.

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Sellers on e-commerce sites must pay tax in full

Even many sellers on the e-commerce floor are at risk of “smashing his back” when self-posting a virtual application to increase interaction. Mr. Le Duc (Hanoi) shared, in order to compete to attract customers and receive multi-star shop reviews, Mr. Duc used to create a virtual order (ie he ordered and delivered to himself and his loved ones – PV), lowered the price. best to increase interaction, increase shop rating on the floor.

“Sellers on the e-commerce floor when they first set up shop all use the way of placing virtual orders, lowering prices to compete, taking the rating of the favorite shop, so the revenue does not reflect the business reality, the profit is low. . For example, some cosmetic and clothing stores accept to sell up to 40-50% cheaper than the store to “attract customers”, give up short, grow long, suffer losses to build a strong shop and then increase the price later. Therefore, when the tax authority asks for tax payment based on the revenue, sellers like us distort their face,” said Mr. Duc.

Ms. La Oanh (in Binh Duong) shared, after the tax agency requested, she paid 223 million dong of tax to the shop on the Shopee floor and a fine of 1.5 times the tax; The total amount paid is more than 500 million VND. According to Ms. Oanh, the tax agency notified the request to pay (tax), the seller did not comply, the dossier will be sent to the police agency and the shop will be locked on the e-commerce floor.

It is known that after more than 2 months of operating the e-commerce portal, there are 258 e-commerce floors providing information to the General Department of Taxation. In which, there are many big exchanges such as Shopee, Lazada, Sendo… By the end of the fourth quarter of 2022, the data of the E-commerce Portal shows that there are 14,875 domestic and 8 foreign organizations registered to sell on the Internet. floor. There are 53,208 domestic individuals registered to sell; More than 14.5 million transactions with a total value of about 4,500 billion VND.

According to regulations, business individuals with annual income of 100 million VND or more will have to pay value added tax, personal income tax and license fees. The tax rate applied to individuals who wholesale and retail all kinds of goods is 1.5% on turnover (including 1% value-added tax and 0.5% personal income tax).

Continue to review and collect

Ms. Ta Thi Phuong Lan, Deputy Director of Tax Administration Department for small and medium-sized enterprises and business households, said that the preliminary assessment of the General Department of Taxation showed that information about transactions and the value of goods delivered. translation is not commensurate with reality. The tax authority will continue to analyze and assess risks to direct tax authorities at all levels to deploy tax management operations in the area to each relevant organization and individual, serving tax administration.

“Based on information about business organizations and individuals provided by the e-commerce floor, the tax authorities will exploit information about business activities. From there, review and put them into management, require declaration in accordance with reality, adjust revenue or handle arrears”, the representative of the General Department of Taxation informed.

According to Mr. Phi Van Tuan, Deputy Director of the General Department of Taxation, in 2023, the tax sector will continue to improve the efficiency of tax collection management for e-commerce activities. In particular, focus on effectively operating the e-commerce portal connecting to the e-commerce floor and supporting businesses, households and individuals to declare and pay taxes.

To strengthen the fight against loss of e-commerce tax revenue, the Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City inspects many businesses. In which, there are 2 partner businesses of Google, arrears and fines for late payment of more than VND 26 billion. This unit also inspected 2 intermediary payment enterprises, arrears and fines more than 9 billion dong, reducing losses by nearly 194 billion dong.

“The Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City requests the General Department of Taxation to send a document to commercial banks to provide the name, address, tax code or identity card number of the organization or individual receiving income arising from e-commerce. From there, it will be transferred to the local tax department for handling,” Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department suggested.

Mai Son, Director of the Hanoi Tax Department, said that in 2023, the focus will be on modernizing tax collection, payment and management for business households and e-commerce portals. In particular, the collection of e-commerce tax will be reviewed and checked by thematic.

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