The success of the Galaxy Note series is why you should choose Galaxy Fold 2 instead of Note20

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It has been almost a decade since the first Galaxy Note was launched in 2011. The media and users at that time took a long time to get used to a device. like the Galaxy Note. The device comes with a stylus that comes at a time when the iPhone is said to be a “stylus killer,” along with a 5.3-inch screen that is considered “oversized” compared to a 3.5-inch screen. on iPhone models at the time. Of course, that was 10 years ago, and now, not many phones have a 5.3-inch screen.

Galaxy Note – the turning point of smartphone industry

It’s undeniable that Samsung’s Galaxy Note product lines have played a big part in promoting the use of large screens on a mobile device. The Galaxy Note is said to be one of the bold ideas that preceded Samsung’s era while the smartphone was still “hanging around” in the palm of the user’s hand.

Sự thành công của dòng Galaxy Note chính là lý do bạn nên chọn Galaxy Fold 2 thay vì Note20 - Ảnh 1.

iPhone 4s and Galaxy Note series nearly 10 years ago. Apparently, Samsung has broken the stereotype that users don’t need a big screen smartphone

Samsung with the Galaxy Note line has gone against the philosophy that has been embedded in the minds of previous technology users, that “nobody needs a big-screen phone,” or “nobody needs a phone.” with a stylus “… The introduction of the Galaxy Note is one of the important turning points for the change of the smartphone industry today.

Ever since the Galaxy Note appeared until now, smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. Most users today will feel that smartphones with screens under 5 inches, or even under 5.5 inches is something “weird” because now, no one uses smartphones with small screens anymore, every Everyone tends to prefer a larger screen because it supports multimedia entertainment needs better. However, until now, we have one more question that must be answered: How big is the screen to be considered “oversized” for a normal smartphone?

Sự thành công của dòng Galaxy Note chính là lý do bạn nên chọn Galaxy Fold 2 thay vì Note20 - Ảnh 2.

Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger

If the rumors are accurate, the next generation Galaxy Note20 + will have a larger 6.9-inch screen, which is a bit larger than its predecessor (6.8 inches). This size has almost reached the threshold of 7 inches, the size considered as a standard of previous tablet models. Although there is a difference in screen ratio, but at the present time, witnessing a smartphone with a 7-inch screen is no longer something too strange.

If you like the big screen, choose Galaxy Fold 2

Entering the era of folding screen smartphones, the idea of ​​this smartphone line is to own a large screen size, but can “transform” to be more compact in the pocket. Now, users can take their “compact” phone everywhere, while still having a large screen for entertainment.

Sự thành công của dòng Galaxy Note chính là lý do bạn nên chọn Galaxy Fold 2 thay vì Note20 - Ảnh 3.

Galaxy Fold can “transform” to become as compact as this

With Galaxy Fold 2, users of Galaxy Note20 devices will have to “struggle ideologically” over which device to buy once both smartphones are launched at the same time. Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to have a screen size of up to 7.7 inches, so it can provide a great entertainment experience like a tablet in the body of a compact smartphone.

Now, as the line between the Galaxy Note series and the Galaxy Fold line is gradually becoming blurred, deciding to choose between a Note or a Fold becomes even more difficult (of course, in the case that the price is not is the issue you care about). In the more advanced segment, Galaxy Fold 2 brings more benefits, more superior points than
Galaxy Note20, from design to user experience that the machine brings.

Sự thành công của dòng Galaxy Note chính là lý do bạn nên chọn Galaxy Fold 2 thay vì Note20 - Ảnh 4.

Choose Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Note?

This decision becomes even more difficult when there are rumors that Samsung will integrate the Note S Pen into the Fold line in the future, a point that Note users will certainly enjoy because the S Pen is considered. as the “symbol” of the Note series. Even if you are concerned about the Galaxy Fold’s ability to resist water and dust, there are rumors that the Fold 2 generation will be equipped with IP waterproof standards. Even without water resistance, this is not a big problem.

Sự thành công của dòng Galaxy Note chính là lý do bạn nên chọn Galaxy Fold 2 thay vì Note20 - Ảnh 5.

What if the Galaxy Fold 2 is equipped with an S Pen?

So, for all the reasons above, if the Galaxy Fold 2 is the successor to almost all the remarkable features that make the Note series successful, then will you choose the Galaxy Note20, or Galaxy Fold 2 to have a newer experience? It seems that Samsung is trying to direct Note users to the high-end Fold line with the success of the previous Note series. And the introduction of Galaxy Fold 2 will be a factor that drives users’ bold decisions.

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