The secret of the world’s oldest female programmer: To live alone

Tram Ho

According to CNN, the world’s oldest programmer title is now owned by Masako Wakamiya, 83-year-old Japanese.

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Ms. Wakamiya, 83, the oldest programmer in the world – Photo: Japan Times

According to Ms. Wakamiya, one of the secrets to becoming the world’s largest mobile application developer is … single.

“I don’t mind living alone, no one has to worry about me and I don’t need to care about anyone,” she said, Wakamiya, on the occasion of the launch of the first mobile application she wrote in 2017, the name Hinadan, a game for the elderly.

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Logo of Hinadan game designed by Ms. Wakamiya – Photo: CNN

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She said that not being distracted by love helped her devote her mind to programming and overcome many of the job’s unique difficulties, especially foreign language barriers.

“Everything is in English,” said Wakamiya. Error messages, instructions for programming, email and contacting Apple to bring the app to the App Store are in English. “People of my generation are struggling with English.”

Ms. Wakamiya bought the first computer in the year she was … 60 years old, mainly for catching up with the modern pace of life.

“I feel like I have a lot of openness. I remember how excited I was to discover that the outside world was so vast, so many different types of people, ”she said.

In Japan, where the oldest population in developed countries is, one in four people over 65, Ms. Wakamiya expects older people to learn and know the benefits of technology, especially in building relationships, dispels the loneliness that older people in Japan often encounter.

“I find technology so amazing that I think it must be shared with people of the same age. Then I opened a computer class at home and started teaching them.

Fishermen »You can use the phone speaker» at a price »› i: I am not sure what to do nh 3.

Ms. Wakamiya spoke at TED Talk, Tokyo, 2014 – Photo: YouTube

As time passed, Ms. Wakamiya traveled to many parts of the world to share her story, inspiring many older people, such as speaking at TEDxTokyo, United Nations, meeting the Apple CEO Tim Cook …

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For Ms. Wakamiya, using technology means being creative, regardless of the person’s age.

“I always maintain my creativity and I hope young people too. Young people think differently, there should be righteous thoughts and paths.

Ms. Wakamiya also said that it was never too late to start doing what she liked, taking herself for granted that her life began at the age of 60.

She also stressed that it is more important to understand and live in harmony with your old age than to deny it: “You cannot resist the sun coming down the mountain (referring to old age), sit down and take it instead. enjoy it ”.

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