The screen of the iPhone 12 Pro Max received DisplayMate’s highest ever rating, setting 11 records

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DisplayMate has just conducted testing and detailed evaluation of the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s Super Retina XDR screen. It’s no surprise that Apple once again achieved the “highest ever DisplayMate A + rating” and the title of “best smartphone display”. However, beyond those titles, the iPhone 12 Pro Max also set 11 records for smartphone display performance.

DisplayMate has published an in-depth review of the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s display. If interested, you can read details here . As every year, the iPhone 12 Pro Max received DisplayMate’s highest-ever A + rating, and there’s nothing to blame for the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s display.

Màn hình của iPhone 12 Pro Max nhận được đánh giá cao nhất từ trước đến nay của DisplayMate, lập 11 kỷ lục - Ảnh 1.

More notably, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has broken the record for the number of broken records, this time 11 records. For comparison, last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max set 9 records, iPhone Xs Max in 2018 set 8 records for display.

Here are the records iPhone 12 Pro Max has set:

– Highest absolute color accuracy (0.9 JNCD).

Highest Contrast Accuracy and Intensity Scale (2.19 Gamma).

– Smallest change in color accuracy and color intensity scales with Image Content APL (0.2 JNCD).

– Smallest change in the Contrast Scale and Image Intensity with APL of Image Content (0.00 Gamma).

– Minimum difference in maximum brightness with image content Average image level APL (1%).

– Highest screen brightness for smartphone OLED screen (825 nits).

– Highest full-screen contrast with ambient light (172).

Highest (infinite) contrast ratio.

– Lowest screen reflection (4.8%).

– Smallest brightness variation with viewing angle (27% at 30 degrees).

– Highest screen resolution (2.8K – 2778 x 1284 pixels).

DisplayMate also rates the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s 60Hz screen as more suitable than today’s higher 90Hz or 120Hz screens. “With the fast response time of the OLED display and the very fast CPU / GPU processor on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the 60Hz refresh rate is suitable for most applications.”

Reference: 9to5mac

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