The scarcity of Intel chips reduces Apple’s Mac sales

Tram Ho

Intel is still in a state of “not enough demand” for its processor products, which affects computer makers including Apple. And this may also be the reason why Mac sales don’t meet the expectations of ‘Apple’.

Sự khan hiếm của chip Intel làm doanh số bán máy Mac của Apple giảm - Ảnh 1.

According to Mikako Kitagawa, a veteran analyst at Gartner, “the lack of microprocessors will have a big impact on small computer makers, while big companies will take advantage and continue to grow, spend market share from small firms “ . Three of the world’s largest manufacturers, Lenovo, HP and Dell, all saw sales increase in the second quarter, while Apple dropped from 3.72 million units to 3.71 million units.

It is very possible that Mac sales will increase much more if the company does not face a shortage of components created by Intel. In a statement from April this year, its CEO Tim Cook said: “We believe that sales and sales of Mac products would have been better than last year, if not one. certain obstacles. “

Anyway, with these numbers, Apple continues to hold the fourth position in the ranking of computer manufacturers, not bad for a manufacturer of many different kinds of technology equipment.

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Source : Genk