The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first smartphone to feature a new, more energy efficient OLED screen

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Samsung’s latest flagship model, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, is the first phone from the Korean company to use a new, more energy-efficient OLED panel made by Samsung Display. In a press release, Samsung says the new display consumes 16% less power thanks to a “newly developed organic material” that allows “electrons to flow faster and more easily through the organic layer. Of the screen”.

With this technology, Samsung claims, “OLED panels can produce brighter light while consuming less power, thereby improving battery life”. Smartphone screens are often one of the components that consume the most power, so improving the efficiency of this component will have a big impact on the overall battery life of the device. Before that, the S21 Ultra was rated as having excellent battery life, working for more than a day.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra là chiếc smartphone đầu tiên sở hữu màn hình OLED mới tiết kiệm điện hơn - Ảnh 1.

Samsung has confirmed that the S21 Ultra uses an LTPO (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) display, but it is not the first Samsung phone to feature this. Last year, it was reported that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra also owns an LTPO display panel, which Samsung named HOP (Hybrid Oled and Polycrystalline silicon). However, the company’s recent announcement that the S21 Ultra is the “first” phone to use this more energy-efficient panel, thereby also indirectly confirming that Samsung Display has improved the LTPO technology that once appeared. on Note 20 Ultra.

Before being carried to smartphones, LTPO screens were used on smartwatches. Specifically, the Apple Watch Series 4 uses an LTPO screen manufactured by LG, while the Galaxy Watch Active 2 uses an LTPO screen made by Samsung Display.

If the above information is correct, then Apple’s next high-end iPhone will soon benefit from this power-saving panel technology from Samsung Display. In early 2021, it was reported by several reports that the Korean company is preparing to supply LTPO panels for Apple’s 2021 iPhone models. Accordingly, Apple will use the LTPO 120Hz OLED display on two of the four iPhone models expected to launch in the second half of 2021, while the other two models will use traditional OLED panels.

Reference: TheVerge

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