The road from food industry to Machine Learning – part 1

Tram Ho

** I wrote this article to record the learning journey and apply a whole new field to myself. Hope those who are oriented along this road, read, for more a look, a way.

Also considered as a subjective review with the resources and courses that you have gone through, you know after choosing.

Hey, why is this reporting system spam? This article has no ads, writing and presenting, but not good, but completely written from the brain with the mind, not arbitrarily a few lines. Please review for me.

About myself.

Work history.

Knowing how to type 10 fingers from age 8. Grade 7 parents bought for computers. Grade 9 knew the basic Pascal code. Class 11 can use office to make virtual running slides. Year 1 learn C basic code.

Slipped out of IT department of BKHN.

Continuing to learn in the next 4 years of BK in vain, no orientation.

Next 2 years as a food engineer, working outside. The next 3 years are Police.

August-2019. Decided to switch to AI engineer.

Machine learning background.

This time, I’ve been immersed in Machine Learning for 14 weeks. In order for people to make a rough estimate of their progress, and to estimate the amount of effort, the following MOOCs have been completed.

Neural Networks and Deep Learning Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization Structuring Machine Learning Projects Convolutional Neural Networks

These courses, if you want to study, get certification, you have to pay tuition, size $ 50 – $ 60 a month. There are 3 tips to exempt this tuition.

  1. Write apply for Financial Aid. This is quite easy, usually people will agree. How to write, just google. Nhược: coursera write only 1 course per course only, and 15 days after applying can be answered yes or no.
  2. Audit. Just click on Enroll, then a message board will appear, the bottom corner (left or right), there is an Audience button – forget what English is. Using this method, you can listen to 100% of the video, do all the exercises, just not fix the problem. And Andrew Ng’s MOOC cures automatically. Untreated is also disadvantaged.
  3. Attend all a few courses, then register, will be trial 1 month. Within 1 month of trying to pay off the assignment, then unsubcribe. So cheat certificate a few keys.

As for me, you just learn a lot, then pay them occasionally $ 50, as paying gratitude, but free much it takes the gray matter of people go.

In addition to the stream, I use Pop OS 19.10 – Empathy browser – iBus percussion, but typing for a long time on viblo, the feeling of percussion is no longer fast. It keeps delaying a few hundred millisenconds. Strange…

The process of fighting

Week 14 – 11 November.

Set up workspace properly. Combining Visual Studio Code and Anaconda (Python).

Before that, there were miscellaneous between Anaconda, Colab, PyCharm. But learning new code while tinkering, so the environment is very messy. Now do it again once properly.

This is the tut I followed

At first, I was very difficult, whoever had just installed anaconda, saw the visual code integrated into it. Ie just turn on Visual Code and then do it, not config anything. Scum.

In the morning, I installed the code vs the code, I tried to integrate git into the code for it to be professional, mainly to show off my achievements to the international friend and later went on to apply for a job. Hehe ..

Install miscellaneous, put git clone into the home folder of the dropbox, git wipe files. Not as stupid as any walk.

Oh, by the way, I have pop_os 19.10 installed. It is the clone version of ubuntu 19.10. Using linux is very difficult to play with google drive with onedrive, so switch to dropbox.

Talking about ubuntu, xserver, in short is the framework to build its GUI, very fragile. Older neighbors ran to click the mouse button, miscellaneous, frozen mother GUI it always. Then, every few days, the GUI stops. Very bored. I also want to switch to some other interface, such as wayland for example. Last month using wayland was very good, but how to update from 18.04 to 19.10, lost wayland. I won’t see wayland in Pop_os. Pop_os has one more drawback, is that somehow, running anything related to Brave – browser – is stopped for a few seconds. This happened after updating to Brave 1.0. I had to ignore it, but did not want to solve much.

Spend the fourth day, I have finished coding Pong game, based on the Learn Python by Building Five Games course I code 3 times. First time, you have to see the paper code. The second time watching the paper while watching the video and coding into Last 3 did not look at the code itself. At code, a little twisted brain is the programming for the ball to hit the table and then bounce. Conventional thinking, I think it will be difficult, because how to program a physical phenomenon here? Do you use the physical engine? Surprisingly, there used to be a physical button to do physical code in the old days, so there must be a way. Who would have thought that this course would solve this lesson, how should I put it, according to computer thinking. Computer it does not consider the ball hit the table to bounce off. It just sees, the pixel of the ball touches the paddle pixel, then changes direction.

.. 3 months or so ago, I had read road data Science of Economics student , you say, “After reading the book on the topic, I realized why I study issues Python to two months but still very passive, can only write what code sample but have a new problem, it’s because I do not think the way the computer can think.Because I do not think the language, I can not speak the language. ” At that time, I only understood the words, not the reality. So this game code, the problem with the bouncing, is even real examples.

This Thursday I code the next game, 2 snake, and stop there, but not all 5 games in the course. Because obviously, my goal is to apply Machine Learning to my team. That, to learn directly how to build the model, integrate the model into the app, but if I keep going around learning game code like this, just beat around the bush.

The next update is to skip the snake game, because this Tech with Tim friend said he did not understand. Probably because the idea is super – the code is very super, surfing through Tim’s channel to see that the code is both good and buffalo – super too, so I do not understand the suffering of those who are less coded, so present, teach, I can’t follow it. . Had to skip snake to game 3 – Connect4.

This intructor is better. His code has a problem, there are few comments clarifying the purpose and structure of the code, and the way of writing the slide, teaching gently, is very ok. Learning through this sample code, I often print your code on paper, to read, light, underlining lum, confusion, rhyme, to understand the code better. If left on the file, scroll up and down, the code will look confusing then, just frustrated and quit.

When connecting the game code Connect4, I encountered the following difficulty:

  • Use anaconda – visual code – env: base. This environment has no pygames. I installed pygame with sudo pip. But realize that, installed on linux (here is Ubuntu), then anaconda will not accept. Must use a terminal, activate conda, activate env base, then install with conda install pygame in this env. But I keep getting a conflict error. The newspaper at 6pm, there’s no energy left to fix it, so whatever, I go read a book.

Next Day. Plug in the toilet plug, then quora recommend this link for reading Can I learn Python in 1 Month . I don’t dare to hope to finish school in 1 month. There are 2 reasons.

  1. He recommends a 5-hour class only Python. I have 4 hours, and I have to level it up for Machine Learning.
  2. I do not aim to become a Python developer.

Python, I want to use it as a tool to apply machine learning, to use as Machine Learning Engineer. I will talk more clearly about my direction next time.

Back to the quora just now. That answer # 1 is super helpful. Firstly, he outlined the roadmap to become Junior Python, if not feasible in 1 month, it is also very ok to practice in about half a year. Second, I filtered a very valuable information in it, the Datacamp .

Next time I talk about Datacamp.

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