The problem is difficult for the segment of less than 5 million Samsung has just answered

Tram Ho

Smartphone segment under 5 million is always a big playground for mobile operators in developing countries like Vietnam. Every year, there are dozens of cheap models launched from big and small brands, users just need to withdraw their wallet but never have to worry about not finding a suitable machine.

If it is cheap, it will not be “delicious”?

Bài toán khó cho phân khúc dưới 5 triệu vừa được Samsung giải đáp - Ảnh 1.

Cheap smartphones are always “sticky” because they can’t be as good as seniors.

Cheap prices often come with unexpected shortcomings. A smartphone costing 4 million from a big brand, if it has a strong configuration, big screen then the ability to camera is poor, the features are not much; or if there is a “big” battery, the screen is sharp, the performance is cut back. On the other hand, if choosing a good feature, it is difficult to buy from the popular brands with a poorer after-sales mode, while not creating peace of mind during use.

New directions

With Samsung, it seems that the company has found a new direction to completely solve the above limitations. By launching Galaxy M30 and selling only online, the product price is reasonable. Meanwhile, the product quality and the features of the device remain very good. Of course, we cannot ignore the after-sales mode, the warranty is very well appreciated by Samsung.

Bài toán khó cho phân khúc dưới 5 triệu vừa được Samsung giải đáp - Ảnh 2.

Price is only about 5 million but Galaxy M30 is still highly appreciated because of the integrated 3 camera system on the back.

Galaxy M30 has been announced since the beginning of the year. The machine received many positive reviews from users because it is equipped with 3 sensors camera system, including 3 rear camera system, in addition to super-wide 123-degree lens, the M30 can also remove the active font thanks to the lens. measuring depth of field, battery capacity up to 5000mAh, support 15W fast charging and Super AMOLED fullHD screen + 6.3 inch good quality on par with all the high-end models.

Bài toán khó cho phân khúc dưới 5 triệu vừa được Samsung giải đáp - Ảnh 3.

Samsung did not even hesitate to equip M30 with Super AMOLED screen background with color quality and brightness close to the flagship Galaxy S10.

With Galaxy M30, Samsung not only “declared war” directly with popular smartphone brands. The company also wants to make it clear to users that Galaxy smartphone is not only good but also very affordable!

The problem is difficult to answer!

The rapid development of e-commerce floors in Vietnam in recent years has proved that online shopping trends are what users want and need. Whether it is small accessories to TV, refrigerator … Anyone can sit in one place, place an order and quickly receive the right item at the doorstep.

Bài toán khó cho phân khúc dưới 5 triệu vừa được Samsung giải đáp - Ảnh 4.

Galaxy M30 is Samsung’s answer to the difficult problem in the smartphone segment of VND 5 million!

Samsung’s association with reputable e-commerce sites to sell Galaxy M30 is obviously an obvious step, not only for the development of this platform, but also for users with more attractive, affordable options. than. This is the right time for Samsung to release the answer to the difficult problem in the 5 million segment which has existed for many years in the mobile market.

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ