The price of portable iPhone 14 Pro Max in Vietnam is still very high

Tram Ho

Contrary to some previous predictions, the price of the portable iPhone 14 Pro Max is still quite high after a week since the time the device was officially opened for sale.

If not counting the “virtual” asking price on the first day of returning home, up to VND 50-60 million, the selling price of iPhone 14 Pro Max has not decreased much during the past week. This is a rare thing in the market because usually, the price of the device will drop very quickly after the supply becomes more stable.

Remember, 2022 is the earliest genuine iPhone year ever (October 14). This should have been one of the reasons why portable iPhones depreciated faster. However, the fact is that the iPhone 14 Pro Max is still very expensive.

Giá iPhone 14 Pro Max xách tay tại Việt Nam vẫn cao ngất ngưởng - Ảnh 1.

The price of portable iPhone 14 Pro Max is still high.

Specifically, on iPhone groups in Vietnam, 128 GB purple iPhone 14 Pro Max version is offered for sale at a popular price of 40-41 million VND, 256 GB version is 42-43 million VND. There are places that offer lower prices but most do not have the device available. The price mentioned above, compared to the expected price of genuine iPhone 14 Pro Max (34 million VND for 128 GB version, 37 million VND for 256 version) is 5-7 million VND.

According to iPhone dealers, the price of the portable iPhone 14 Pro Max this year has slowed down due to two main reasons. Firstly, the demand to buy iPhone 14 Pro Max is very high while the supply is not too abundant. The number of laptops brought to Vietnam this year, although improved compared to the two pandemics, is still low compared to demand and also much lower than in 2019.

Not to mention that this year, goods originating from the US (code LL) are not favored by the market due to the removal of physical SIM, leading to quite a few merchants entering. Machines sold in Vietnam currently mainly come from Hong Kong due to the cheapest import prices, followed by Singapore products.

The second reason is that the portable iPhone business is betting on the lack of an abundant supply of genuine goods. Due to the large number of customers re-ordering, the first shipment is likely to run out quickly, leading to shortages. This will continue to be an opportunity for handmade goods, at least for a few weeks after the sale. A similar situation happened with the iPhone 13 series last year when it took a whole month for resellers to solve the shortage of iPhone 13.

In addition to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, another model that also has a small discount is the iPhone 13 Pro. Currently, this mobile is sold for about 32 million VND for the 128 GB version. Compared to the genuine expected price, this is only about 1 million VND – still quite high. According to merchants, this year’s iPhone 14 Pro also received great attention, more than every year.

Meanwhile, the standard iPhone 14 is receiving the “estranged” of the market. Right from the time of opening for sale, the device returned to the country in relatively small quantities and the price also dropped deeply. If a week ago, the iPhone 14 was offered for sale for about 32-33 million VND, now, users can buy the device for only about 22-23 million VND for the lowest capacity version.

Giá iPhone 14 Pro Max xách tay tại Việt Nam vẫn cao ngất ngưởng - Ảnh 2.

This is expected because first, the standard iPhone is often not the first priority of both buyers and sellers at the time of sale. It must be the Pro or Pro Max versions. Second, this year’s iPhone has almost no significant upgrade compared to the old generation. The machine retains the same design while the chip is not upgraded compared to the previous generation.

The selling price of the portable iPhone 14 is currently only slightly higher than the iPhone 13 but still picky.

According to the business world, the selling price of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max is likely to continue to decrease in the next 2 weeks when information about genuine products is strongly covered. However, how much the specific reduction is difficult to predict.

Meanwhile, the genuine device will officially open for sale on October 14. The expected price will be 25 million for the standard iPhone 14, 28 million for the iPhone 14 Plus, 31 million for the iPhone 14 Pro and 34 million for the 14 Pro Max, all for the lowest capacity version.

Currently, agents only receive information to buy machines from customers and only open the “gate” for customers who pre-order on October 7, one week before the opening time. However, dealers are confident that 2022 will be a bumper year for iPhone sales because the number of customers registering to buy is extremely large.

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