The price of installing solar PV for households is getting cheaper, but is it really worth the investment?

Tram Ho

Electricity prices are increasing, the demand for reuse never decreases. Especially in the hot summer months when everyone has to turn on the air conditioner, the electricity bill is up to a million dong. That is why many Vietnamese families consider installing solar panels with the expectation of both saving money for the future and environmental protection. However, many people are still confused because it is not clear whether that investment of tens of millions of VND is really worth it.

Giá lắp điện mặt trời cho hộ gia đình đang ngày càng rẻ nhưng có thực sự đáng tiền đầu tư? - Ảnh 1.

Is it worth spending tens or even hundreds of millions on installing solar cells?

Benefits of solar power

First, let’s look at the reasons that households should consider investing in a home solar system. The following only mention the benefits of sharing the solar power system with the national grid.

Reduce monthly electricity costs

It is profitable to sell electricity back to EVN

No worries about power failure (if used together with battery)

Support for protection when electricity prices increase, carrying high electricity price brackets when using excessively

Environmental Protection

Take advantage of the panels as a sunshade system, reduce heat

Long-term use, the average battery life is about 25 years

Solar power system need what?

Usually solar power systems have two forms: grid-connected and independent electricity. In particular, grid-connected electricity is much cheaper (because there is no need to use batteries to store electricity) and is best suited to the needs of households in Vietnam. Specifically, here are the required components of a grid-connected solar power system and their use purposes:

Solar panels: “Suck” energy from the sun and turn it into electric current

Grid tie: Convert current from panels to alternating current, combine electricity from solar cells with national grid

Monitoring system: Ensuring stable operation of components, detecting problems, often accompanied by software to monitor and report errors to users as well as service providers for timely repair.

Giá lắp điện mặt trời cho hộ gia đình đang ngày càng rẻ nhưng có thực sự đáng tiền đầu tư? - Ảnh 3.

The way the solar system works is actually quite simple, easy to understand.

How much does it cost to get enough electricity to use it?

In fact, with grid-connected power system, households do not need to worry too much, because a little investment is fine, just more is better.

For example, if you just want to “try it out” or a house with few people, you can install compact systems with low capacity 1 – 2kWp for 10-20 million VND, or to use comfortably for 3 – 4 city houses. For pellets, it is possible to choose higher capacity systems corresponding to a correspondingly high price.

Giá lắp điện mặt trời cho hộ gia đình đang ngày càng rẻ nhưng có thực sự đáng tiền đầu tư? - Ảnh 4.

The initial installation cost for a solar energy system is usually around 30 – 70 million VND depending on demand.

Of course, the amount of electricity that the solar cell system generates may not be enough to use, especially in sunny seasons / areas, but you don’t need to worry as the grid unit automatically adjusts the combination. to the national grid so that the power source is always used at the most stable level. In addition, a small point to note is that if the power is lost, the solar power system will not work if it is not used with a storage battery .

Is it really saving as rumored?

For a simple example, if your family spends an average of 1 million dong on electricity bills each month, in 25 years it will cost at least 300 million dong, not to mention the gradual increase in electricity prices over time.

If the solar battery system is installed about VND 50 million, the additional costs incurred when maintaining and replacing the components can reach over VND 100 million during that 25 year period.

Of course, the solar power system can only meet about 50-70% of daily electricity use, which means you “only” save about 150 to 200 million VND. Subtracting the installation costs and arising costs from this figure, the balance is still 50 to 100 million VND during 25 years.

Giá lắp điện mặt trời cho hộ gia đình đang ngày càng rẻ nhưng có thực sự đáng tiền đầu tư? - Ảnh 5.

Installing solar power with an area large enough will bring high efficiency to save costs in the long run.

The above figures are only estimates and actual usage will still change many times. However, converting to solar power in general will still be a worthwhile and even profitable investment if the system you install generates enough electricity to sell back to Vietnam Electricity Company.

Important notes when installing and using solar power

Make sure the roof / terrace is not too sun exposed

Select a reputable contractor

Clean the solar panels regularly to maximize light collection efficiency

Replace the mesh tie unit every 5 – 7 years for maximum performance

Make sure the electric meter is two-way type so as not to be “swallowed” electricity

Some locations for solar PV installations in Vietnam

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