The Photoshop developer says that photos are outdated

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Ben and Jerry discovered what many companies are looking for; that 3D rendering has now reached levels indistinguishable from traditional photography, and they are even more effective and It costs less to create, “Adobe Belsky, Adobe’s product manager, told a shareholder meeting on December 10. His comments alluded to American ice cream maker Ben and Jerry using Adobe’s 3D products and animation to create an ad campaign for mid-epidemic delivery.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many companies to face many difficulties in conducting real-life product photography and filming sessions. As a result, many content creation groups are slowly turning to 3D software and other digital tools for creating images and videos. The global animation industry has since continued to live well, with some studios even receiving more orders for children’s content production than before the pandemic. If you haven’t already, the ending of a Disney-produced movie – Godmothered – has been completely digitally rendered after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the crew to “sit and play in the water”.

Nhà phát triển Photoshop nói rằng ảnh chụp là thứ lỗi thời - Ảnh 1.

Adobe Substance Painter Software

Adobe’s Substance and Dimension software are both designed to contribute to the “far away” journey of traditional photography: one for applying color, lighting effects, and other details to tissues 3D figure; and one used to construct surreal images. Adobe is evidently reaping the unexpected success amid the pandemic: its fourth quarter revenue hit $ 3.42 billion, up 14 percent year-on-year.

Reference: Quartz

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