The paralysis of the US airline system: Because the employee deleted the wrong file

Tram Ho

This is information released by the US Federal Aviation Administration recently.

Specifically, on January 11, a computer system malfunction caused more than 11,000 flights in the US to be delayed or canceled. The agency’s contract staff inadvertently deleted data files that disrupted the computer system, forcing the agency to request a postponement of all domestic flights in the US on January 11.

The US Federal Aviation Administration said that the problem occurred when the aforementioned employee fixed the synchronization between the original database and the backup database. The FAA has so far found no evidence of a cyber attack or malicious act.

Last week, the FAA said there was a process error related to a data file that caused an issue in the Aeronautical Notification Message System (NOTAM). NOTAM is a system that provides critical safety announcements to pilots, aircrews and other contacts in US airspace.

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A screen showing flight status at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on January 11. (Photo: Reuters)

The incident happened on January 10, but the US Federal Aviation Administration ordered the flight to be grounded on the morning of January 11. This is the first time since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, that all flights departing from the US have been suspended.

The agency says it has made the necessary fixes to help increase the system’s resilience. More than 120 congressmen expressed their displeasure with the incident and asked the agency to explain, criticize the US Federal Aviation Administration’s computer system malfunction and ask to present a plan to avoid repetition. events in the future.

Acting head of the US Federal Aviation Administration Billy Nolen is expected to have an online briefing with congressmen on January 20 on information related to the incident.

The Aeronautical Information Service System has been used by the US Federal Aviation Administration for 30 years and has not been updated for at least 6 years.

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