The new MacBook Pro is a respectable laptop, but not for gaming

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The new MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips has been impressed by Apple’s super performance claims, which makes people wonder if the new MacBook Pro can become a good gaming laptop. . The answer is no, not really.

The new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips feature 10-core CPUs, where the Pro has a 16-core GPU and the Max has a 32-core GPU, integrated into the same SoC (system on chip), allowing for increased performance and power usage effective quantity. In addition to the increased core count, Apple’s new chip also has the advantage of being able to share up to 32GB on the Pro or 64GB on the M1 Max from its CPU-GPU unified memory area, providing memory bandwidth. up to 200 GB/s (Pro) and 400 GB/s (Max).

MacBook Pro mới là chiếc laptop đáng nể, nhưng không phải để chơi game - Ảnh 1.

And thanks to these changes in architecture, Apple says the performance of its new MacBook Pro won’t be affected when it’s on battery power alone, so you’ll get the same impressive performance for your laptop. wherever you are. That’s really great, especially considering that many Windows laptops automatically drop to lower performance profiles when operating without a charger plugged in.

When compared to the “latest 8-core PC laptop chip”, Apple says the M1 Pro offers 1.7x CPU performance, while using 70% less power, and the M1 Pro’s GPU is 7x faster. with integrated GPU on 8-core PC laptops and deliver higher performance while using 70% less power than discrete GPU for PC laptops.

MacBook Pro mới là chiếc laptop đáng nể, nhưng không phải để chơi game - Ảnh 2.

All those performance claims sound impressive, until you go a little deeper into the details . The footnote at the end of Apple’s press release clearly states that the 1.7x better CPU performance claim is comparing the M1 Pro to the MSI GP66 Leopard, which has a 10th Gen Intel chip, an older and upcoming generation chip. two generations when Intel introduces new Alder Lake chips later this year.

When it comes to graphics, the “powerful discrete GPU for PC laptops” that Apple uses as a comparison model in the footnote is the Nvidia 3050 Ti from the Lenovo Legion 5 (82JW0012US). The 3050 Ti isn’t a weak GPU, but that’s not what one thinks of a powerful discrete GPU on a laptop. If you’re into gaming, you’ll typically be using at least an RTX 3060 (or equivalent AMD GPU) or higher.

MacBook Pro mới là chiếc laptop đáng nể, nhưng không phải để chơi game - Ảnh 3.

The MacBook Pro Apple used to compare has an M1 Pro chip with a 16-core GPU and 32GB of RAM, which comes in at a whopping $3,100 compared to just $1,050 for the Lenovo Legion 5. So despite those performance numbers still impressive, but can’t call this an equal comparison. With prices starting at $1,999 for the cheapest new MacBook Pro, these products certainly don’t come cheap.

There’s another, perhaps more important problem: Today’s resource-hungry blockbuster games are barely developed for the Mac. Just take a look at new or upcoming PC games like Far Cry 6, Deathloop, New World, and others — none of them compatible with macOS. So unless you want to play one of the few games that run on your Mac M1, like World of Warcraft, you’re basically not going to be able to play cool new games. Bootcamp also doesn’t work on a Mac M1, so don’t even think about installing Windows on a new MacBook Pro M1 to play games.

MacBook Pro mới là chiếc laptop đáng nể, nhưng không phải để chơi game - Ảnh 4.

Apple doesn’t call their new MacBook Pro a gaming laptop, but the company used some content from the game in its presentation, showing various developers praising the new laptop’s performance and Apple’s chips. . The MacBook Pro M1 Pro and M1 Max can be great laptops to use for building and developing games, but they’re probably not very good at playing them due to operating system limitations.

But for those who have been hoping about playing AAA games on their MacBook, there may still be hope. With Apple’s new and more powerful silicon chip, developers can be ready to create games designed for Mac and macOS. It’s sure to be an uphill battle to break Windows’ dominance of PC gaming, but Apple’s powerful new processor could be an important step in keeping the MacBook competitive in gaming. .

Reference: Gizmodo

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