The new Galaxy A51 and A71 features demonstrate the importance of AI for mobile photography

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Camera technology – the number 1 priority of modern smartphone manufacturers

Since its inception, smartphones have been and are still undergoing continuous development with unprecedented changes. A series of new innovations have pushed technology on mobile phones to new heights. But that is when manufacturers must rethink the actual needs of users. By 2020, when the mid-range chips are also strong enough to play super-high-profile games, when the memory has reached TB, when 4G technology is about to make way for 5G, the smartphone revolution is only there’s one really bright direction: camera.

Tính năng mới Galaxy A51 và A71 là minh chứng cho tầm quan trọng của AI cho nhiếp ảnh di động - Ảnh 1.

Artificial intelligence is helping mobile photography achieve remarkable achievements

In recent years, smartphones have become the most popular camera in the world, directly affecting sales of traditional mechanical cameras. A special feature of those smartphones is that besides integrating the most modern hardware, they also possess the power of software and algorithms. The size limit of smartphones is what is preventing these devices from surpassing traditional cameras. And it is expected that the power of software and algorithms will help smartphones overcome that barrier.

Tính năng mới Galaxy A51 và A71 là minh chứng cho tầm quan trọng của AI cho nhiếp ảnh di động - Ảnh 2.

Just one touch and go to the framing style like this


Tính năng mới Galaxy A51 và A71 là minh chứng cho tầm quan trọng của AI cho nhiếp ảnh di động - Ảnh 3.

The smartphone camera is now powered by AI technology that will produce the best images and videos


Recently, the most talked about AI – the technology has not disappointed people. Thanks to AI, TVs have been able to increase the resolution of images from 720p source to close to … 8K, thanks to AI, a smartphone can flexibly adjust the level of battery usage depending on the habits of the person use … Switching to the camera, a beautiful picture on a smartphone is now the result of a combination of hardware including sensors / lenses and software, specifically AI helps optimize the image regardless of the conditions inside. external or the experience of the photographer.

A new lifestyle makes new features

If you’ve been following the evolution and evolution of smartphone cameras recently, you’ll notice that the added features of smartphones serve the needs of young people who want to experience new elements, Take pictures to post on social networks. Typically, the portrait-capture feature clears the background. Manufacturers have put telephoto cameras on smartphones, giving the phone the ability to take impressive fonts. Or when users realize that it is often difficult for a smartphone to take good photos of many friends standing together, or difficult to capture images of large objects, so the wide-angle camera was born on the Samsung Galaxy A7 in 2018 to meet that aspiration.

But the addition of hardware components may also reach the limit, so manufacturers are starting to make breakthrough upgrades to the software. By 2020, when the social networking trend is at its peak with countless products for young people, such as short videos, photo albums, etc., young people have a new demand. , it is possible in the shortest possible time, creating a lot of creative photos, videos. At this point, the power of software has been revealed. One-touch photography mode on Galaxy S20 series has impressed because it has the ability to activate all the cameras on the machine to help users create a lot of different results with just one tap.

Tính năng mới Galaxy A51 và A71 là minh chứng cho tầm quan trọng của AI cho nhiếp ảnh di động - Ảnh 4.

The updated Single Take Technology for Galaxy A51 and A71 is as interesting as this

Even more interesting, because this is a software update, Samsung was able to bring this advanced feature down to 2 products specifically for the young Galaxy A51 / A71. These two smartphones can now own the shooting feature that is considered the most impressive on the Galaxy S20 series. This mode will activate all the cameras at the same time, giving you one click but with many results. From super wide angles, to removing fonts, telephoto or even applying classic color filters, all are done to give you the most choice of images for you. The machine will offer suggestions with many photos and videos, besides a series of photos with many effects to remove fonts, crop, super wide angle, different for users to choose. AI built-in algorithm is used to suggest you the most satisfactory photos.

This update comes exactly when the Galaxy A51 and A71 are gaining certain success. Galaxy A51 holds the position of the best-selling Android smartphone in the world (according to market research firm Canalys), Galaxy A71 is always in the list of best-selling smartphones in the price segment of 10 million, according to data. from Vietnamese retailers. This is also a good solution, should be applied by other smartphone manufacturers because it can both satisfy those who have bought, and help those who are intending to buy a new phone more determined to down the money.

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