The most important person responsible for Intel hardware development left the company

Tram Ho

Intel’s hardware director and technical director, Dr. Venkata (Murthy) Renduchintala, will leave the company on August 3, according to Intel’s latest statement.

Renduchintala’s departure follows Intel’s announcement that the next-generation 7nm chip will be delayed until 2022. Previously, the 10nm chip was also delayed several times, causing Intel to be pushed back. with rivals like AMD or TSMC.

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Intel did not disclose the reason for Renduchintala’s departure. In February 2016, Intel recruited Mr. Renduchintala from Qualcomm, and left him in charge of everything from Intel’s design to chip production.

On Thursday, Intel CEO Bob Swan discussed a meeting with shareholders about the possibility of Intel giving up manufacturing its own chips. What Intel has done for a long time and is considered a strength, even after competitors such as AMD hired an external production line.

Intel is rumored to be in talks with TSMC, leaving TSMC in charge of making chips, while Intel only has the design. Like Apple, Qualcomm, AMD or Nvidia, the use of TSMC’s next generation production line will bring more advantages.

However, TSMC has a lot of big customers, even after losing Huawei, TSMC’s orders were immediately filled. That means it is not easy to hire TSMC to produce its own chips.

Reference: theverge

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