The ‘most attractive’ feature of the iPhone 13 is not on the spec sheet, but in the offer – But Vietnamese users still can’t experience it

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Apple’s iPhone 13 and 13 Pro lines seem to offer many welcome improvements. Longer battery life, nifty camera tricks, a better display, and even some new color options. Although this year’s upgrade does not include the new design, nor the addition of 5G features like last year, there is still reason for experts to believe that Apple will probably still sell millions more iPhones. . Especially in the US market, because it comes with a feature that was not shown on the spec sheet during the last event.

So where is this feature located? It is on top of the user’s exchange offer itself.

To make this clear, consider the prices of service providers in the US.

Tính năng hấp dẫn nhất của iPhone 13 không có trên bảng thông số kỹ thuật, mà nằm trong phiếu mua hàng - Nhưng người dùng Việt vẫn chưa thể trải nghiệm - Ảnh 1.

As has been the trend in recent years, all three major carriers in the country often offer substantial discounts on all versions of the new iPhone 13, if users include both new and existing customers. are now willing to upgrade and commit to using their services for several years. Last year, they wanted customers to buy iPhone 12 to experience their 5G service and continue to want to keep them on this year’s iPhone 13 series. Incentives of carriers now not only compete for each other’s customers, but also to retain existing customers with longer-term transaction commitments.

For example, AT&T offers discounts of up to $1,000 for the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max, and up to $700 for the iPhone 13 and Mini. This essentially makes the iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Mini free. Verizon is offering up to $800 off any iPhone 13, including the base cost for the 13 and Mini models.

Both carriers will need users to exchange an old iPhone, and sign up for an unlimited data plan. But while AT&T requires the old device to be in good working condition, Verizon will even accept any phone – even those with a broken screen – as long as it doesn’t have a damaged battery.

But T-Mobile’s offer is even more attractive, when combined with Apple. If the old phone is purchased from Apple itself and is the model from the iPhone X and above, users will receive support money from both parties, starting from 200 USD.

For example, if you accept this carrier’s flagship service plan, and own an iPhone 12 Pro Max, you’ll get $790 back from Apple and $500 from T-Mobile. That means the carrier gives you a new iPhone and gives you money to use their service plan. If you don’t want to subscribe to its highest-priced service plan, T-Mobile also offers up to $500 off any iPhone 13 series phone, as long as the user buys it in installments and trades in a qualifying device. to sue.

Tính năng hấp dẫn nhất của iPhone 13 không có trên bảng thông số kỹ thuật, mà nằm trong phiếu mua hàng - Nhưng người dùng Việt vẫn chưa thể trải nghiệm - Ảnh 2.

Competition from 3 US carriers creates opportunities for users to own iPhone 13

It is imperative in any case that users need to be willing to stick with the service provider for the long term. AT&T’s deal requires 36 months, Verizon’s 24 or 30 months, while T-Mobile’s Apple deal requires 24 months. Particularly, T-Mobile’s $500 direct discount program requires buying an iPhone 13 on a 30-month installment plan.

If you cancel service or move to another carrier, you risk losing your offers and being charged the outstanding balance on your phone.

“Now, US carriers are launching 5G network services seriously, and they are trying to consolidate their subscriber base to keep competition within reach,” said Avi Greengart, an analyst. industry at Techsponential, said. “They all want to tie users to the most expensive packages, which require trade-offs and subsidy renewals for two or even three years.”

Anshel Sag, senior analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, said carrier deals like T-Mobile are “designed to drive consumer loyalty” and make people reluctant , or unable to leave. And because many of these deals require a premium plan, Sag notes that carriers are “more than happy to keep these customers rather than let them go to the competition with more offers. ”

Tính năng hấp dẫn nhất của iPhone 13 không có trên bảng thông số kỹ thuật, mà nằm trong phiếu mua hàng - Nhưng người dùng Việt vẫn chưa thể trải nghiệm - Ảnh 3.

Viettel, VinaPhone and Mobifone appear on Apple’s presentation slides

Unfortunately, for Vietnamese users, it will be a long time before we have the opportunity to experience this “feature”.

During the launch event this morning, when it came to the 5G feature of the iPhone 13, Apple made a list of carriers that it is working with to deploy 5G technology. The displayed image shows that all three major carriers in Vietnam, Viettel, VinaPhone and Mobifone are present in it.

But, this doesn’t make much sense. In fact, cooperation with Apple is something that domestic carriers have confirmed since the end of 2020. At that time, although it had started to test 5G, Vietnamese carriers said it was only Compatible with some Android devices and does not work on iPhone 12.

By the end of April 2021, Apple began to enable the ability to use 5G for iPhones in Vietnam through the iOS 14.5 update. Unfortunately, up to now, domestic users have not had the opportunity to use this new technology because the deployment scale of Viettel, VinaPhone and Mobifone is still very limited.

Once the competition for 5G network services has not really taken place, as in the US market, Vietnamese users will not be able to benefit from attractive offers from service providers. And the opportunity to experience the above “feature” may still come in the future, but certainly not in the near future.

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