The Ministry of Health has launched an e-news website and app about the nCoV epidemic

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Bộ Y tế ra mắt trang tin điện tử và app về dịch bệnh nCoV - Ảnh 1.

Specifically, the information page on the Ministry of Health web portal has the domain name and the information App on nCoV epidemic called VIETNAMESE HEALTH to help people grasp disease situation and equipped with disease prevention knowledge through guidance and recommendations from specialized health agencies to protect themselves and the community.

The launch of the official website and App for official information on the nCoV epidemic is a testament to the determination of the Ministry of Health and its coordinating agencies to enhance the communication and prevention of the nCoV epidemic. decisive action of the Government.

These information channels are expected to contribute to providing accurate, comprehensive, diverse and supportive information for the people as well as the contingent of doctors and health workers in the health sector. respond to nCoV epidemic situations, repel fake websites, rumors and false rumors without cause of confusion and anxiety in public opinion.

The nCoV disease information page on the Ministry of Health web portal at is a collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the Vietnamese digitalization system of Itrithuc, Co. part DTT Technology, Vietnam Post Corporation – VNPost.

The website is designed with the user-oriented interface with 07 main items: The home page displays the status update, Direction information, Things to know, Recommendations, Industry support, People support and News.

The website will be the main channel to provide official information on guidelines, activities of the health sector, assistance information, guidance for people and community.

Vietnam Health App is the official app of the Ministry of Health, built by Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation. The App is available on Android and iOS platforms for both smartphones and tablets.

In addition to providing updated information, the highlights of this application are: A self-assessment guide for nCoV infection, registration of information if there is a risk of infection and sending information to health facilities in the locality where the information registrant resides for instructions on self-isolation in case of suspected infection.

The two official channels of information on launching and putting into use are showing the determination of the Ministry of Health and the whole country to join hands to fight the epidemic with the message ” Vietnam is determined to win the epidemic! ”.

Link to download the app:



Also in the morning of February 8, the Ministry of Health said that up to now, there have been 719 deaths due to nCoV (an increase of 80 cases compared to yesterday). The total number of cases is 34,376, of which there are 34,048 in China.

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Bộ Y tế ra mắt trang tin điện tử và app về dịch bệnh nCoV - Ảnh 2.
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