‘The master of turning the situation’ Elon Musk: Using the social network he called the lack of “freedom of speech” to save the company from conspicuous goals

Tram Ho

Tesla has been facing racial discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuits from the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. This is a clear move in light of allegations of ill-treatment of black workers at the automaker’s facilities across the state.

Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have always amazed the world with their news cycles. Elon Musk is constantly creating shocking news. Some of it is verified information, but most of the rest are rumors, speculation or retweets of old tweets. And when there is a flood of negative information, Tesla often finds ways to confront or “distract” with other topics.


‘Bậc thầy xoay chuyển tình thế’ Elon Musk: Dùng chính mạng xã hội ông gọi là thiếu “tự do ngôn luận” để cứu công ty khỏi những bàn thua trông thấy - Ảnh 1.

The story of the past weekend is a typical example to demonstrate the above point. The Washington Post on March 26 reported on Elon Musk’s exchanges with the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Tesla CEO was furious when agency officials called to announce that they were investigating a fatal crash involving Autopilot in 2016.

Then, on March 27, Bloomberg continued to receive information that Tesla would suspend production at the Shanghai factory. The decision was made when the local government locked down the city to conduct a large test in the context of a large-scale re-emergence of Covid-19.

Elon Musk has stepped in. He posted a tweet sharing that Tesla’s director of artificial intelligence (AI) Andrej Karpathy is taking a “holiday” lasting about 4 months. That’s not all. Elon Musk later revealed that he had Covid again.

In pre-opening trading, Tesla shares were down 1%. None of the developments are said to be catastrophic for Musk’s company. Elon Musk has had friction with US traffic safety officials before. Tesla plans to reopen its Shanghai factory in a few days. Director Karpathy tweeted that he was looking forward to returning. Finally, Elon Musk said he had almost no dangerous symptoms when he contracted Covid.

Two hours into pre-opening trading, Tesla’s official Twitter account sent the stock price up following the announcement of the move towards a stock split. Followed by a profile of the regulations answering the questions posed. However, the details are yet to be made public.

Closing the session, Tesla shares rose more than 8% at $1,091.84, bringing Tesla’s market capitalization up by $83.9 billion. As of February 23, the day before Russia launched its military campaign in Ukraine, Tesla’s stock was down 28%.

When typing the above events into Google search, news related to the stock split appeared first, then the closing of Tesla in Shanghai and then the news that Musk was infected with Covid. In the coming days, the most interesting thing will be Tesla’s first-quarter production and deliveries figures. This can form the basis of a company’s quarterly earnings.

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