The MacBook is great, but many programmers still choose a Windows laptop, which is why?

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There are many reasons why programmers or application developers choose MacBook for their work. High level of computer hardware, Unix-based MacOS with many programmer-friendly features and software, as well as a wide range of development environments compared to Windows computers.

Of course, not every programmer uses a Mac. The following confession by Jack Daneel, a programmer shows more clearly why, not all programmers use Macs.

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Windows computer – familiarity and popularity with those around you

“Hello everyone. I’m Jack! Project manager during the day and programmer at night, and this is what I often hear from other programmers talking about the Macintosh they’re using.

In the first programming classes, we only worked on Windows computers and Linux virtual machines. I work primarily with Linux and Visual Studio, the lab computers we use are always Windows computers.

I continue to work with Windows computers because that’s what I use for all my classes. I never have to wonder if I need to use a Mac, I have Windows and Linux on the same computer, which is enough for me.

I heard many people say I should change to Mac. I don’t hate Macs or anything like that, but I always choose Windows. You choose a computer because it is best suited to your needs and the type of technology you are working with.

MacBook rất tốt nhưng nhiều lập trình viên vẫn chọn laptop Windows, đây là lý do tại sao? - Ảnh 2.

Not as elegant, but Windows computers are very popular.

Even if there are other computers working well, you should consider which computer your instructor is using, especially when you are a beginner. I use a Windows laptop and most of my teachers and colleagues use Windows computers. I can work independently, but sometimes I have to find a way if my favorite teacher’s tool is not available on Windows, such as self-developed tools or the like.


Admittedly this. Macs are often more expensive than Windows computers, and not everyone can afford one. I feel the price is too expensive compared to the operating system and hardware I receive. Without that much money, I could get the same performance.

You can usually buy much more powerful hardware if you choose a Windows computer for the same amount as a Mac. One of the best things about Windows devices right now is that they offer a lot of choices for users, for example, with the Dell XPS 15.

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For the same amount of money as a MacBook, Windows computers can have more powerful hardware.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro at the lowest price is also more expensive than the second high-end Dell XPS 15, but with a slightly stronger performance than the rival from Apple.


Mac computers tend to be more secure than malware, viruses and other malicious tools of hackers. The fact that MacOS itself is built on Unix makes it a bit more secure than options coming from Windows.


Until now, Windows computers were the only computers equipped with touch screens. So far no Apple computers have touch capabilities (not including iPhone or iPad).

Some people may find there’s no need for a laptop or desktop with a touch screen, and I understand that. But I really need it. I’m the one who spends a lot of time touching the touchscreens I see, so I easily assume that every monitor should have touch functionality.

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Surface computers run Windows with touch.

For me, using a touch screen to interact with a computer is faster, easier, and more enjoyable than using a mouse or trackpad.


As for programming, both platforms are equally good for developers and it really depends on what tools you need, the platform they support, and the programming language, framework you plan to use again. If you plan to work on Visual Studio, SQL Server, C # and .NET, it’s best to develop on a Windows computer.

Most programming with Python and C is done on Linux. Technically, you can also do all this on Windows, but it’s obvious to be less labor-intensive and less annoying, in the first place you should set up the Linux VM and use it instead. So.

If you want to develop for MacOS or iPhone, the software needs Ruby / Rails programming language, you should change to Mac. Technically, you can do this on Windows too (for example using Hackintosh).

MacBook rất tốt nhưng nhiều lập trình viên vẫn chọn laptop Windows, đây là lý do tại sao? - Ảnh 5.

But with those solutions, since they’re not standard systems, you’ll struggle with computers more if you want to deploy to iOS app stores. Some other tools also allow you to develop and test iOS apps on Windows computers, but you also need a Mac computer to actually upload it.

Switch to Mac

A 2016 survey of Stack Overflow Developer for developers showed that the majority of people are using Windows (Windows 7, 8 or 10) but up to ¼ of the respondents are using macOS and that number is increasing over the past 4 years.

Which choice is better?

Personally, I find a lot of difference between platforms becoming less significant as Windows now has native support for the bash shell window. You just need to choose the type of device you like when both models work well. They completely depend on what you have used.

I have been in application development for the past 6 years and I always choose Microsoft Windows but many others choose Unix / Linux. It all just depends on what is familiar to you. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll switch to a Mac.

By now it’s clear that most comparisons are just a matter of personal preference, so choosing between Mac or Windows is like choosing between ice cream or chocolate.

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