The libraries are used in the top 100 iOS apps

I'm a guy who is always curious and prying. It is also one of the biggest motivations for me to develop the FELEX debugger (this tool is used to read back the code of iOS apps) used to research and discover apps as well as to understand how they prevent Common problems. On a beautiful Monday, along with the jailbroken iPhone 2G and the expanded version of FELEX, I analyzed the iOS apps in the top 100 on the US Apple Store.

I began to build a basic objective-c class data for each app. The average number of classes per app is 1,175. In summary, my database contains more than 181,000 classes. The App has the most classes 15 times the average =)). I bet you already know which app it is (probably Facebook). Top 7 apps have the most classes from Facebook and Google.

Next, I searched for common names of classes and tried to assign it to open source projects as well as 3rd party libraries. WOW, I've found nearly 5,000 similar classes from 100 projects.

The most used project is the Facebook iOS SDK , used in 67/100 apps. Next is the library-based AFNetworking available in 39 apps, CrashLytics (this guy is a slightly fluttering Fabric of Twitter) to report the crashes that occur in your app that are available in 38 apps. The sample code provided by Apple also appears quite often, such as Reachability 38 times. Finally, the depedence manager Cocoapods only appears 30 times, which proves that many programmers are still adding libraries to their projects the old way is drag and drop. Below is a table that pushes the full list of libraries and the number of times it is used in the top 100 apps.

Project # of Top 100 Free Apps (US)
facebook-ios-sdk sixty seven
Bolts-iOS 48
AFNetworking 39
Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK 38
Reachability (Apple) 38
Crashlytics 37
Flurry-iOS-SDK thirty first
CocoaPods 30
GoogleConversionTracking 29
SDWebImage 26
Fabric 25
mopub-ios-sdk 25
Unity 23
AdColony 22
GoogleAnalytics 20
GTMLogger 19
comScore-iOS-SDK 18
google-plus-ios 18
OpenUDID 17
CocoaLumberjack 17
Adjust 16
ChartboostSDK 16
MBProgressHUD 16
OpenInChrome 15
TTTAttributedLabel 15
HockeySDK 14
google-breakpad 14
CocoaAsyncSocket 13
AppLovin 13
SBJson 13
FMDB twelfth
GLImageProcessing (Apple Sample) twelfth
pop twelfth
SSZipArchive twelfth
Appirater twelfth
BPXLUUIDHandler 11
VungleSDK-iOS 11
Protobuf 11
UnityAds 11
SSKeychain ten
KeychainItemWrapper ten
PLCrashReporter ten
secureudid ten
libPhoneNumber-iOS ten
oauthconsumer ten
InMobiSDK 9
MobileAppTracker 9
TapjoySDK 9
TrustDefender Mobile 9
iRate 9
OnePasswordExtension 8
SFHFKeychainUtils 8
Tweaks 8
cocos2d 8
GPUImage 8
KVOController 8
Nimbus 8
google-cast-sdk 8
HPGrowingTextView 7
Localytics 7
thrift 7
FormatterKit 7
Kochava 7
Mantle 7
Mixpanel 7
AppNexusSDK 7
NJKWebViewProgress 7
cocos2d-x 7
TouchJSON 7
SupersonicAds 6
TPKeyboardAvoiding 6
SponsorPaySDK 6
PhotoScroller (Apple) 6
TwitterKit 6
SpeechKit 6
ReactiveCocoa 6
UICKeyChainStore 6
WeChatSDK 6
XMLDictionary 6
SVProgressHUD 5
SocketRocket 5
libextobjc 5
Shimmer 5
TransitionKit 5
AsyncDisplayKit 5
SnowplowTracker 5
aws-sdk-ios 5
SVPullToRefresh 5
MMWormhole 5
Masonry 5
UIAlertView + Blocks 5
FLAnimatedImage 5
AppsFlyer-SDK 5
CardIO 5
TMCache 5
youtube-ios-player-helper 5
Weibo 4
Parse 4
MagicalRecord 4
GoogleMaps 4
GoogleAds-IMA-iOS-SDK 4
Braintree 4
PSPDFTextView 4
FXBlurView 4
ASIHTTPRequest 4

Studying apps is a great way to broaden your knowledge. If you are a curious and curious person, I encourage you to dig deep and learn more.

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ITZone via Techmaster

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