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Trucking logistics plays an important role in the supply chain of goods in Vietnam. However, to manage orders, customers as well as the transportation team effectively is not easy. Currently, on the market there are a number of software born to solve these problems. However, these software all have inadequacies such as: high cost, complicated software implementation, many but unnecessary features, not really reputable supplier, …

TaaS Truck – the leading free transportation management software in Vietnam. TaaS Truck was developed by multinational corporation MVL, born with the mission to help transport and logistics businesses step by step digital transformation, manage transportation operations smoothly with extremely low cost. .

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What features does TaaS Truck transport management software include?

TaaS Truck provides specialized software for fleet management, order receipt, payment management, tracking the location of all trucks, reporting transportation activities, etc. increase operational efficiency, ensure service quality, increase customer satisfaction, and above all help reduce costs.

What’s different at Taas Truck

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• Customize brand identity: TaaS Truck software can customize the brand name, color, and information for each business. This helps businesses increase awareness with customers.

• Easy deployment: TaaS Truck software is operated by cloud computing, so the deployment, updating and expansion is very quick and convenient.

• Simple features, easy to use: features are built by TaaS Truck based on long-term experience in the industry. Most of the features are very simple, easy to use and absolutely necessary

• Free*: TaaS Truck offers a free trial version with basic features to give you an almost complete experience. Depending on your needs, you can use the premium package (from only VND 2,299,000/month) to use the most complete full-featured version.

• Unlimited expansion: TaaS Truck’s international experienced development team can meet all the needs of expanding the features required by each business.

TaaS Truck is a solution to help you effectively operate your transportation business at the lowest cost.

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