The iPhone 13 could be equipped with a 120Hz LTPO display, Always On feature and an under-screen Touch ID sensor.

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As reported by Korean media, there will be at least two next iPhone models equipped with LTPO panels and 120Hz displays. That is most likely the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, the two most high-end iPhone models to be released next year.

The 120Hz screen didn’t appear on the iPhone 12, possibly due to Apple concerns that it will affect battery life. The battery capacity of the iPhone 12 has been reduced compared to the iPhone 11, plus the integration of 5G technology is very expensive, so if equipped with a 120Hz screen, the battery life of the iPhone 12 will be significantly reduced. tell.

iPhone 13 có thể sẽ được trang bị màn hình LTPO 120Hz, có tính năng Always On và cảm biến Touch ID dưới màn hình - Ảnh 1.

Next year, Apple may use an LTPO panel, which allows you to change the frequency of the screen depending on the task in use. Thanks to that, the battery consumption will also be reduced, while still meeting the needs of users.

Not only that, sources from Korea also revealed that the iPhone 13 will feature Always On, the screen always displays basic parameters such as date and time and incoming notifications.

The reason Apple decided to do so is due to its low temperature oxide polycrystalline panel (LTPO) technology. When compared to the low temperature polycrystalline silicon panel (LTPS) technology commonly used in smartphones today, LTPO panels can reduce the power consumption of OLED displays by up to 20%.

Samsung is the pioneer with this LTPO panel technology, and will also be the supplier of the OLED displays for the iPhone 13.

The source also revealed that the iPhone 13 will have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor under the screen. This means that the iPhone 13 will have two types of biometric recognition, Face ID and Touch ID. However, this information has not been confirmed yet.

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