The iPhone 12 may be the last Apple device to feature this iconic technology

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Apple doesn’t seem ready to give up the Lightning port on the iPhone. However, the iPhone 12 will most likely be the last Apple device to use this exclusive connection.

Jon Prosser, a well-known Apple leaker, recently tweeted that the iPhone 12 will certainly not be equipped with USB-C – and if he is right, then the iPhone 12 will continue with Apple’s obsolete Lightning technology.

iPhone 12 có thể là thiết bị Apple cuối cùng được trang bị công nghệ mang tính biểu tượng này - Ảnh 1.

We still don’t know where Prosser got this information – either from within Apple, from its supply chain, or from a case manufacturer and charger cable – but considering the assertiveness that this leaker can. shown in tweets, the information is likely to come from various sources.

In January 2020, the European Parliament passed a decision that calls for manufacturers to use a single universal charging port for all future smartphones – specifically USB-C, The standard is currently used by most technology companies. As can be seen, the European Parliament is indirectly suggesting that Apple abandon its proprietary port types.

Although the European Parliament’s decision is not binding, they set a deadline for companies to comply, in July 2020. If any companies oppose – most likely, Apple – when Apple plans to launch the iPhone 12 with Lightning port in September – then Parliament will likely put in place laws to enforce them. must obey.

Therefore, it seems that the iPhone 12 will be the last iPhone to be equipped with Lightning port, and future iPhones and iPads will switch to using USB-C with faster speed, or even … no need. to the charging port too.

Is iPhone 12 a “portless” device?

Prosser ended his tweet by saying ” Apple will switch to not using the USB-C front port “, prompting some to predict that the iPhone 12 will be a portless device. But this most likely does not happen.

“No port” here means a phone without a 3.5mm headphone jack and neither USB-C nor Lightning – it will rely entirely on wireless audio transmission, wireless charging, and transmission. Wireless data. A futuristic design, and indeed, any phone with such a design at this time – like an unnamed device that Oppo “touted” last year – is just a concept. never mind.

Apple has long been ignored as a company with many breakthroughs in the field of smartphones. They haven’t launched a foldable or 5G-enabled phone yet, and every iPhone model to date still uses a flat screen and pretty big notch – something most other brands have been trying to find. Dodge on the 2020 flagship models.

Therefore, the ability of this company to beat all rivals to launch a true wireless phone, especially when there are still many consumers using wired headphones and chargers, is not high. Not to mention, Apple tends to follow consumer demand instead of leading that demand.

What about Prosser’s assertion? Most likely it’s just a way to sentence view, not a serious prediction.

As such, ignoring Prosser’s assertion, the iPhone 12 will still use the Lightning port, while other future iPhone models will use USB-C until the portless design becomes truly feasible. However, all of the above is based on rumors – we only know for sure when the iPhone 12 is released.

Rabbit ears are still there

In addition to talking about the connection port of the iPhone 12, Prosser also tweeted with a sketch of a device with a rabbit ears. According to Prosser, the iPhone 12 will still have rabbit ears, but this notch will be smaller than on the iPhone 11 and still contain the Face ID sensor cluster and the front camera.

iPhone 12 có thể là thiết bị Apple cuối cùng được trang bị công nghệ mang tính biểu tượng này - Ảnh 2.
iPhone 12 có thể là thiết bị Apple cuối cùng được trang bị công nghệ mang tính biểu tượng này - Ảnh 3.

The notch is shrunk thanks to the speakerphone, which was previously located in the notch, being moved to the top of the device, which is in a very thin bezel.

Rabbit ears on recent iPhone models have been criticized quite a lot, because the size is much bigger than other phones, and with some rival flagship models having switched to a low-power “mole” design much more likely, Apple would want to shrink the notch – though according to the drawing posted by Prosser, the notch is still quite large.

Once again, the above information is all leaked information, and we will have to wait until Apple officially launches iPhone 12 to know for sure.

Reference: TechRadar

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