The iPhone 12 battery drain and drop problem is much more widespread than you might think

Tram Ho

While these incidents don’t happen to everyone, they seem to be taking place on a much broader scale than many people think.

And it is worth mentioning that, all 4 iPhone 12 models have encountered problems, not just one specific model!

IPhone 12 battery issue

A topic discussing iPhone 12 Pro battery drain on Apple’s official user support forum has received attention since October. The thread opener complained that the battery level on his new phone drops by 4% per hour. Subsequent comments confirmed the problem, with many users saying that even with the app refresh in the background turned off, their iPhone 12 still dropped 40% overnight.

Many of the users on the topic were supposed to have asked Apple to run remote diagnostics tools on their phones, and everything in terms of hardware was no problem. That means a problem hidden deep inside the iOS 14 operating system is the cause of the battery drain. But again, this issue doesn’t affect every iPhone 12 user.

Sự cố tụt pin và rớt sóng của iPhone 12 lan rộng hơn nhiều so với bạn nghĩ - Ảnh 1.

Problem dropped while calling on iPhone 12

Another issue that many people complain about is that Apple’s latest iPhone models often drop waves when making calls. One of those affected is Lewis Wallace, editor-in-chief of the famous Apple news site Cult of Mac. He said: “At least 50% of calls made on my 12 Pro Max have been dropped. Is it the fault of my phone? Or the Verizon network? Or my friend’s phone? Who knows. But it happens to many people too ”

A Reddit social media thread initiated by an iPhone 12 Pro user has also attracted considerable attention as there have been numerous complaints about dropped phone calls. This user got an error for a month, then one day he suddenly updated his situation: “The problem is almost gone on my 12 Pro, even though I did nothing”

Up to this point, all we know is that only a few users are experiencing battery life issues and dropouts during phone calls. Apple has not made any comment regarding these issues yet. The best thing that iPhone 12 users are facing with the aforementioned issues is to immediately install the iOS 14 updates as soon as they are released, as updates will often contain multiple released patches. show.

Reference: CultofMac

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