The iOS concept with widgets on the home screen: resembles the Windows Phone live tile, but much better

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Widgets are predicted to significantly enhance the user experience for the iOS operating system, especially because applications such as Weather will be able to be customized to display essential information, such as The current temperature, right on the home screen, is much more detailed than just the current icon.

And just yesterday, designer Parker Ortolani created a concept that envisioned new widgets on the iPhone, while offering some of his ideas for this feature. This concept is shared on Ortolani’s Twitter here .

Concept iOS với widget trên màn hình chính: giống live tile của Windows Phone, nhưng ngon hơn nhiều - Ảnh 1.

According to Ortolani, iOS 14 should first provide users with tools that allow them to choose the type of icons they want to use for an application – of course, the application itself must support new display modes. means developers will need to roll out app updates to be compatible with iOS 14.

Three modes of displaying icons

Basically, applications will be able to display as static and classic icons as they are today. In addition, they will have an animated icon mode and widget mode. The animated icon is a mode that is quite similar to the “live tiles” boxes used to be present on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile (and still on Windows 10 Mobile), in which the Weather application you see in the image above will Displays the current weather of a selected location right on the home screen.

Concept iOS với widget trên màn hình chính: giống live tile của Windows Phone, nhưng ngon hơn nhiều - Ảnh 2.

When holding down the live tile, users will be able to move to other locations, or change the icon display mode.

In widget mode on iOS 14, widgets will turn into the full form just like the current widget on the iPhone, only they will display right on the home screen along with other icons, rather than being in one. own page too.

With such a wide range of customization options, users will be able to personalize the iPhone’s home screen even deeper, and even combine the three modes mentioned above to get a vivid home screen. than.

iOS 14 with widget on the home screen

Of course, this is just a concept, and we’ll have to wait to see if Apple wants it to come true.

Reference: Softpedia

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