The hamster self-trades cryptocurrencies, the profit rate has reached nearly 24% since June

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According to Business Insider, a hamster in Germany is the proof for the book “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” by Burton Malkiel. In the book, this author talks about how a blindfolded monkey throwing darts at some stocks in the newspaper can be just as effective as a human investment professional.

 Chú chuột hamster tự giao dịch tiền số, tỷ suất sinh lời đạt gần 24% kể từ tháng 6 - Ảnh 1.

Specifically, the mouse named Mr. Goxx is trading a portfolio of various cryptocurrencies on its own from June 12 to present. The return on investment is extremely impressive. As of last Friday, the portfolio’s return has increased by almost 24%, according to the personal Twitter page @mrgoxx which records daily performance and every trade made by the rat. Goxx’s profitability has now surpassed that of Bitcoin and the S&P 500 over the same time period.

 Chú chuột hamster tự giao dịch tiền số, tỷ suất sinh lời đạt gần 24% kể từ tháng 6 - Ảnh 2.

Inside the “transaction office” of Mr. Goxx.

Owner of Mr. Goxx has “founded” a workplace for the mouse with the name “Goxx Box”. Here, the mouse will perform various “exercises” such as running in a circle, then performing specific cryptocurrency transactions. Goxx can enter its office whenever it wants to trade.

First, Goxx will run on a circle to choose one of about 30 cryptocurrencies to trade. Once selected, the mouse will run through one of two “decision tunnels” to trigger a buy or sell transaction of the previously selected coin. Currently, the digital currencies that Goxx holds the most include: Tron, XRP, Ada and Ether.

 Chú chuột hamster tự giao dịch tiền số, tỷ suất sinh lời đạt gần 24% kể từ tháng 6 - Ảnh 3.

Goxx’s investment performance against indices, funds and stocks.

According to Protos, Goxx’s portfolio has about $390 in equity. The owner of this rat said that the transactions that Goxx makes are automatically installed with the bet increased by 20 euros.

A partner of the rat’s owner said: “We plan to give Goxx more control and let it choose how much cryptocurrency it will buy, if more people are interested in its content channel. .”

Goxx has so far brought in a profit of 77 euros as of last Friday afternoon. Its portfolio peaked at nearly $580 in mid-June, when returns were close to 50% in less than three months, according to data compiled by Protos. However, since then, the recent sell-off of cryptocurrencies has affected the investment performance of the rat.

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