The group of employees accused Mark Zuckerberg of not keeping his word, ‘eating away’ unemployment benefits

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The group of employees who joined Meta through a training program has just said they do not receive the full package of post-layoff benefits as promised by the company, according to CNBC. It is known that they are members of the Meta Source Development Program – a project under the Pathways Program to help people with non-traditional professional backgrounds work at the social networking giant.

According to CNBC, nearly every member of the program, 60 specifically, has now quit as part of the mass layoffs of more than 11,000 workers in November. They are not contract workers, but only contract workers. as a short-term employee, however, still enjoy the same benefits as a full-time employee, including insurance and retirement benefits. After completing the 12-month program, these employees will be converted into full-time employees if they meet the necessary criteria.

Nhóm nhân viên tố Mark Zuckerberg không giữ lời, 'ăn bớt' tiền trợ cấp thất nghiệp - Ảnh 1.

Previously, in a letter to Meta employees during layoffs, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company will support employees who leave with 16 weeks of basic salary plus 2 additional weeks for each year. work. Zuckerberg also added that Meta will cover all healthcare costs for employees and their families for six months.

In reality, however, members of the Meta Source Development Program only receive 8 weeks of base pay and 3 months of COBRA (a health insurance program that allows eligible employees and their dependents to continue to receive benefits). health insurance benefits). They do not know why their severance package is lower than that of their colleagues, when they are also considered full-time employees.

On November 16, Meta employees sent a letter to Zuckerberg and executives, including head of human resources Lori Goler and CEO Javier Olivan, and expressed their desire to resolve the issue. subject.

Nhóm nhân viên tố Mark Zuckerberg không giữ lời, 'ăn bớt' tiền trợ cấp thất nghiệp - Ảnh 2.

Meta employees do not receive enough unemployment benefits

They insisted that we were mistaken. They said they received information that we were provided with 16 weeks’ wages and 6 months of health insurance ,” the group wrote in the letter.

Until now, Meta has not given a satisfactory explanation.

In a previous interview, Mr. Lori even stated that the Pathways Program will not be affected by the layoffs. The management accordingly reassured us many times that we did not need to apply for positions outside the company. We understand business needs are always evolving and changing, but there was definitely confusion ,” the team added. “ We hope that Meta’s offering of just 8 weeks of base salary and 3 months of COBRA is just that. confusion, not deliberate malice “.

Earlier, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the reduction of more than 11,000 employees, and claimed to be responsible for the first major layoffs in the 18-year history of the media giant’s development. society.

Zuckerberg then chatted with the lucky employees who stayed, asking them to thank those who lost their jobs, while noting that employees outside of North America would face uncertainty going forward. . It is known that Meta will extend the hiring freeze period, according to Bloomberg.

I want to take responsibility for these decisions, ” Zuckerberg said in a statement to employees Meta posted on the internal website. ” I know this is difficult for everyone. I especially apologize to those affected by this layoff plan .”

Details of the severance package were soon drafted by Meta and sent to employees working in the US. According to Business Insider, these employees will receive compensation equal to 16 weeks of base salary, plus 2 weeks of salary for each year of work. The severance pay is said to be quite generous compared to companies that have recently cleared staff, such as Twitter and Lyft.

Nhóm nhân viên tố Mark Zuckerberg không giữ lời, 'ăn bớt' tiền trợ cấp thất nghiệp - Ảnh 3.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced more than 11,000 layoffs, while claiming to be responsible for the first major layoff in its 18-year history.

Sad to lose my job. It’s a flexible job, great pay and great benefits. I’m happy with the benefits as well as the culture. It’s a company built on work. keep everyone connected. Every system we use is well managed and built ,” said one fired employee at the time. ” Three months ago, Zuckerberg said that layoffs were a last resort. To this day, I still believe he’s done everything he can to avoid having to lay off employees .”

After being fired, Meta employees still have access to email for a chance to say goodbye to colleagues, even though they were previously blocked from sensitive internal information systems. They will also continue to receive insurance premiums for 6 months, receive a living allowance, and be supported by the company to find a new job for 3 months, including ” priority rights with undisclosed recruitment needs”. dad “. In addition, these 11,000 employees will receive limited stock effective November 15, meaning they will still be able to earn in shares despite being laid off.

By: CNBC, Bloomberg

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