The gloomy fate of someone with an IQ is higher than Einstein

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Albert Einstein has an IQ of 160, Issac Newton’s IQ of 190 and Mark Zuckerburg’s score of 152. These celebrities are known as geniuses in the world. However, there was one person who used to have an IQ of 250-300 but rarely heard his name. The smartest person in the world is William James Sidis – a prodigy and an outstanding mathematician. William James Sidis is fluent in multiple languages ​​and also a talented writer.

Số phận hẩm hiu của người có chỉ số IQ cao hơn cả Einstein - Ảnh 1.

Albert Einstein, William James Sidis and Issac Newton. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

William was born in New York City in 1898. His father – Boris is a good psychologist who has 4 Harvard university degrees. His mother is a medical doctor. Because both parents are talented, William James Sidis is expected to inherit this as his intelligence even surpasses ordinary people.

At just 18 months old, William James Sidis was able to read the New York Times. At age 8, he taught himself Latin, Greek, French, Russian, German, Hebrew, Turkish and Armenian.

Recognizing the intelligence of his son, William’s father enrolled him in Harvard but was rejected because William was only 9 years old. Two years later, the school adopted him and in 1909, William became the youngest person to be accepted into Harvard. In 1910, his knowledge of mathematics was so erudite that he began to lecture his professors and was nicknamed “the child prodigy”. William completed his bachelor’s degree in arts at the age of 16.

Tired of fame, especially when he was young, shortly after graduation, William shared with the reporter that he wanted to live a “perfect” life, which he said was a private and hidden life. abound.

In addition to not wanting to be famous, William’s decision also shows the pressure he faced from birth. At the time, Americans believed that turning children into prodigies was the right direction of education. A good psychologist, William’s father was passionate about making his son shine as much as possible. To achieve that, he applied psychological methods in the process of nurturing and promoting William’s ability. As an adult, William blamed his father for this. Even when Mr. Boris died in 1923, William refused to attend his father’s funeral.

Refusing the glory of a famous child prodigy, William did office jobs for low wages. In addition to these jobs, he was also a sociologist and an opponent of World War I.

William lived his whole life in sorrow and utter loneliness. Being estranged by his family, he does ordinary things like a living machine. The smartest person in the world, who could have changed this world, unfortunately passed away at the age of 46 as a normal anonymous person due to cerebral hemorrhage in 1944./.

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