The former Intel engineer revealed the direct cause for Apple’s breakup with Intel

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Finally, after a long rumor, during the WWDC 2020 event earlier this week, Apple officially announced its third processor switch on a Mac. This time they will switch from Intel chips to Apple’s own processors based on ARM. But there is one more question that needs to be answered: why does Apple have to?

From a macro perspective, the cause of this is clear: the transition to self-designed CPUs not only gives Apple more control over the parameters and features of its computer chips, it also brings giving Apple higher profits on revenue, when it cut the supplier stage.

However, this argument can also be true at any time, so exactly from when did Apple make a decision about parting with Intel?

Cựu kỹ sư Intel tiết lộ nguyên nhân trực tiếp cho việc Apple chia tay Intel - Ảnh 1.

According to a recent interview, former Intel engineer, François Piednoël, said that the Intel SkyLake processor family has become the direct cause for this separation. ” Skylake’s quality assurance process is more than just a problem. It’s unusually awful .”

Basically, our friends at Apple have become number one in architectural issues .” Piednoël adds. ” When your customers start to find nearly every error you discover yourself, you are no longer in the lead .”

So, besides certain reasons inside Apple for pushing them to make their own chips, this ambition only became clearer after Apple faced many issues on Intel’s Skylake processors. to the point where the company started getting more serious with development and transition to using its own custom CPU.

For me, it was a turning point. It was a time when the Apple guys, who had always intended the transition, came and when they looked at it, they saw:” Well, maybe we have to do this “ .”

Cựu kỹ sư Intel tiết lộ nguyên nhân trực tiếp cho việc Apple chia tay Intel - Ảnh 2.

Piednoël then concluded, ” Basically, the Skylake line’s poor quality assurance process is primarily responsible for Apple being forced to leave Intel’s platform. If Apple doesn’t have this cause, when they are still “I’m not sure if this will actually happen, they will continue as if there was no problem .”

As for the reason for the poor quality assurance of the Skylake line, Piedno đól said it was due to the turmoil in the management team and the bad management that caused many important engineers to leave the group as well as the rise. Bad plans for this period.

For Piednoël, the reason for sharing this disastrous mistake is because he believes Intel is still a great company and that shareholders should know what happened, as well as let the company learn. ask and avoid similar mistakes in the future. Now, not only is Apple planning to completely leave Intel in two years, and AMD is constantly surpassing Intel, hoping the giant chipmaker will take advice from its former employees.

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