The foldable Galaxy Fold 2 smartphone will be sold before the Galaxy S11, priced at $ 1,000

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According to a recent report, Samsung may launch Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Fold 2 in an event taking place on February 11. There have also been some leaked images of the Fold 2 foldable smartphone, confirming the folding design vertically, not horizontally like the Galaxy Fold.

The latest Yonhap News report from South Korea continues to reveal that, although the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Fold 2 were launched at the same time, Galaxy Fold 2 will be available for sale sooner. Samsung may open the Galaxy Fold 2 immediately after the event.

Smartphone màn hình gập Galaxy Fold 2 sẽ được bán ra trước cả Galaxy S11, giá bán 1.000 USD - Ảnh 1.

It is unclear when this launch will be applied in Korea alone, or whether it will be in the US and Europe. But Yonhap News sources said Samsung was in talks with three carriers in South Korea to release the Galaxy Fold 2.

The source also revealed that the Galaxy Fold 2 will cost $ 1,000. Meanwhile, Galaxy Fold has a selling price of more than $ 2,000. It can be seen that Samsung really wants foldable smartphones to become popular, and is a phone that anyone can use.

Samsung is putting a lot of faith in its next foldable smartphone. Previously, the Galaxy Fold was also launched in February, but the launch date was in April and was delayed several times due to screen problems.

Samsung has also found a way to overcome the biggest disadvantage of folding screens, which is to create an ultra-thin glass to protect the main screen. Therefore, Galaxy Fold 2 will certainly not follow the path of the Galaxy Fold elder.

Reference: androidauthority

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