The first scroll-screen phone in the world is here

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Fold phones are still struggling to find a way to get around the tough start, but TCL’s new roll-screen phone concept has emerged, offering similar benefits but much less inadequacies. In fact, if it becomes reality, it will make folding phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip look like a trivial item.

Imagine a phone with a 6.75-inch screen that can be expanded to 7.8-inch (almost the size of an iPad Mini) at the touch of a button. That is the idea behind the TCL concept.

Chiếc điện thoại màn hình cuộn đầu tiên trên thế giới là đây - Ảnh 1.

Taking advantage of flexible AMOLED screen technology, the world’s first roll screen smartphone concept is only 9mm thin. For ease of comparison, the Galaxy Z Flip is 7mm thin when opened, but when folded, is up to 17.2mm thick.

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TCL also said that the roll-screen phones do not have the problem of cracks or folds on the screen, which can make foldable phones become less attractive aesthetically.

So how does a scrollable smartphone work? There’s a motorized sliding panel to hide the flexible screen, similar to LG’s R9 OLED TV. Unfortunately, TCL has not provided a working demo, only a sample machine for reference. But at least through that we also know how the screen will slide in and out.

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On this concept phone, the camera assembly is located on the right side of the back – the area is basically the “spine” of the device. As such, these cameras will always be ready to operate whether the device is in phone or tablet mode.

Because it is still at an early stage of development, if TCL later decides to put the phone into mass production, perhaps the company will consider switching to enlarging and shrinking the screen with gestures. or because of the button as the current concept.

TCL’s folding phone concept 3

Besides the concept of a roll-screen phone, TCL also has a folding phone concept 3.

Unlike the roll-screen concept, this triple-fold concept comes with a working prototype, using two different hinges – DragonHinge and ButterflyHinge – to turn a 6.7-inch phone into a 10-inch tablet, and into one. 3K resolution screen.

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Folding and opening this device is quite interesting, but when folded into a phone, the device will be very thick and heavy. Even so, it will still be a device for those who need to multitask and want to run multiple applications simultaneously on the screen.

TCL also showed a demo video on the device to demonstrate its capabilities, including video conferencing with many people at the same time, or video editing on one window, while running another application in a separate window.

Chiếc điện thoại màn hình cuộn đầu tiên trên thế giới là đây - Ảnh 5.

Overall, TCL’s dual-hinge concept isn’t really appealing, and it would be better if it were a bit slimmer. But this is just a concept after all.

In the two concept phones of TCL, it can be seen that the concept of the scroll screen will gain more attention. It gives you a bigger screen when needed, without having to worry about creases. However, a question arises as to how long its motor will last, and TCL says it is still working to refine the most appropriate winding speed.

Overall, TCL is a well-known TV company, not a phone, especially since it relies heavily on brands like Alcatel, Palm, and BlackBerry. But concepts like this could bring TCL’s name to more people in the context of the company seeking to enter the phone market with models that use the TCL name and not any other name.

Reference: Tom’sGuide

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