The FBI admits they don’t recruit good hackers because good people are addicted to marijuana

Hiring a cyber security expert is not an easy thing, this is well known. Mostly because a lot of hackers can find more interesting things than start working with a government agency. But there is another thing that prevents hackers from finding a "genuine job": The FBI says it is hampered by drug testing policies, which makes it difficult for many hackers to work for the FBI. job.

FBI director James Corney said that to combat cybercrime, the US government must allow hackers to get a better job, because no young man will give up his habit to work for the FBI. both.

The reason the FBI is demanding permission to allow its workers to be freer is because the Parliament requires 2,000 more people, most of whom will become soldiers in the US cybercrime army. And it turns out that the best people are usually not a neat tie companions, while the law requires government agencies not to hire people who have "sucked in" within 3 years before filing. job application.

The US government is confused with hiring-or-not-hiring a force of hackers who use the grass, and the majority of Americans believe it is time to legalize marijuana.

Whatever the direction of the upper echelon, the FBI is still considering this issue, and besides, they still encourage hackers to join the "front line" for the cyber defense force, even though that person recently "criticized." phase "or not.

ITZone via genk

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