The “father” of mobile phones predicts: The phone will ‘merge into one’ with humans, lying under the skin of the ears, the charger is the body and the energy is the food.

Tram Ho

Marty Cooper, who is said to be the “father” of mobile phones, told CNBC at the Mobile World Congress MWC in Barcelona that: “In the next generation, the phone will be integrated under the skin. human ear”.

Cooper also said such devices will not need to be charged as usual because “the human body is the perfect charger”. ” When we eat food, the body gets energy, right? ” Each time, energy will be transformed and applied to operate this “under the skin” phone.

Cooper’s speech and vision have made many people think of a possible future period – when the human body will be “reinforced” with powerful chips and sensors.

For example, some startups are planning to research and develop new technologies to combine computers with the human brain, such as billionaire Elon Musk’s Neuralink.

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Marty Cooper also adds that today’s smartphones have become too complex when there are many applications and screens do not fit the curvature of the human face.

“Whenever I’m on the phone and don’t have a headset, I’ll have to press the phone to my bent head and raise my arm in an awkward position,” he said.

The smartphone market has tended to “stagnate” over the past few years. It seems that manufacturers are “struggling” to come up with new creative designs.

At the same time, the ubiquity of phones today has led to a host of problems: from social media addiction to privacy violations, in the words of Marty Cooper.

However, he remains optimistic for the future. He believes that the development of modern technology will greatly benefit areas such as education and healthcare.

“I’ve always believed in people. I look at history and look at all the advancements and innovations that we’ve had with technology. Somehow people invented it and made it evolve.”

“People are better now, live longer, richer and healthier than ever before. We’ve had our ups and downs. But in general, the human world is progressing.”

Mr. Cooper received a “lifetime achievement award” at this week’s MWC show in recognition of his dedication since making his first phone call 50 years ago.

Cooper also said that he could never have imagined a mobile phone would become the “compact portable” computer it is today.

“Fifty years ago was a really simple time,” he said. “There was no internet, no large-scale integrated circuits, and no digital cameras .”

“The idea of ​​a phone that could integrate photography and have everything like an encyclopedia never entered our minds at that time,” he said.

However, he also added: “We knew it was important to connect people with people. And at the time we told a joke that one day every person who is born will be granted an allowance. a phone number. And if that person doesn’t answer the phone when someone calls, it means he’s dead. ” This seems to have somewhat “prophesied” about the importance of the phone in human life. Currently.

According to Cooper, there are currently more mobile phone subscribers in the world than the population, and two-thirds of the world’s population has a personal cell phone. ” Phones are becoming part of people, ” he said.

According to CNBC

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