The famous developer promises Linux to run on Macs with Apple M1 chips

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Specifically, Martin wants Linux to run on Apple Silicon (the common name for the ARM chips Apple develops). And for that to come true, Martin explained that he would need a bit of funding, because this project cannot be completed overnight.

Since these devices (Macs with M1 chips) are so new and use specialized chips, bringing Linux on them would be a serious undertaking. More than just a hobby project, it’s like a job.” full time “- this developer explains.

So, based on what Martin said, it’s understandable that the intention of this fundraising campaign is to provide him with the budget needed to bring Linux to Apple Silicon – basically, he wants to turn the project. This ambition succeeds in his full time job.

Nhà phát triển nổi tiếng hứa hẹn Linux sẽ chạy được trên máy Mac với chip Apple M1 - Ảnh 1.

First the Mac mini, then every Apple Silicon device

Martin’s first goal is to make Linux run on a Mac mini with a M1 chip, but not only that, he promises that every device using Apple Silicon will be supported in the future.

The goal is to support Linux on Macs with Apple Silicon, not just a demo, but a real operating system for you to use on your primary device. To do that, it needs to be addressed. a ton of work Running Linux is easy, but getting it to work is hard. It’s going to need to write drivers for every device.The GPU driver that’s completely Apple-built will be the most complicated component, And that’s what is needed for an optimal desktop experience. The power management system also needs to work well, for the battery life of the device you are using to reach acceptable levels, “explains Martin.

Before you wonder, running Linux on a Mac with a M1 chip is perfectly legal and doesn’t require a jailbreak, because what developers need to do to get things working is reverse engineering. never mind.

Depending on how much money he raised, Martin said he would buy Macs with Apple Silicon for work, and if he had enough money, he could hire a few more people to help with his project.

You can watch Martin hack PS4 to run Linux here .

Reference: Softpedia

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