The “extreme” salary of CEO Twitter has just been revealed: Not enough to eat a bowl of sidewalk noodle!

Tram Ho

More accurately, 1.4 USD – a “sacred” number for the internal social network company.

Twitter recently revealed the “tremendous” salary they paid to co-founder Jack Dorsey since he returned to the position of Executive Director in 2015.

In 2018, this billionaire received a mere … 1.4 USD (equivalent to 32,000 VND) – some money is not enough to eat a bowl of beef noodle soup on the old town. He also denied all the subsidies and all the benefits provided by the company last year.

Mức lương cực khủng của CEO Twitter vừa được hé lộ: Không đủ ăn một bát phở vỉa hè! - Ảnh 1.

It is no coincidence that Dorsey chooses the above number. In fact, it is not that he likes to receive the odd number, or the lack of more than 30,000 dong to buy any item that this 1.4 means symbolically. At the time of its launch, this social network only allowed posting content of 140 characters. Until November 2017, the “blue bird” raised this limit to 280.

Twitter said the reason behind this CEO’s action is to show his commitment and belief in Twitter’s potential to create long-term value. Therefore, for 3 consecutive years, from 2015 to 2017, Dorsey also said no to the huge amounts of money that his company set out. By 2018, he decided that his merit and contribution should be rewarded in a rewarding way and received about $ 1.4.

Mức lương cực khủng của CEO Twitter vừa được hé lộ: Không đủ ăn một bát phở vỉa hè! - Ảnh 2.

Of course, Jack Dorsey’s fortune is not a medium. He holds over 16 million Twitter shares, their total value is up to 557 million USD. In addition to Twitter, he currently holds the position of CEO of Square payment company. The amount that Dorsey earned from selling Square’s shares in 2018 was also approximately $ 80 million. His total assets are estimated by Forbes to reach nearly $ 5 billion.

Jack Dorsey is not the only senior official in well-known technology companies that receive poor pay. Other examples are Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, or Google’s Larry Page, which only gets $ 1 a year.

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