The driver who bought VinFast Fadil ran a taxi that denounced “FastGo fraud”, FastGo said the contract is transparent but will support the drivers’ revenue.

Tram Ho

These drivers are gathered at FastGo Vietnam headquarters (Tam Trinh area, Hanoi). All VinFast Fadil cars are labeled with the words “FastGo cheats to buy Fadil cars, causing driver defaults” in the front and back of the car. This image quickly spread on social networks and surprised many people.

Tài xế mua VinFast Fadil chạy taxi tố FastGo lừa đảo, FastGo nói hợp đồng minh bạch nhưng sẽ hỗ trợ doanh thu cho các tài xế - Ảnh 1.

The driver bought VinFast Fadil to run a taxi with the “FastGo deceptive” poster technology. Photo: Đ.H

According to initial records, there are 4 VinFast Fadil posted with slogans posted by drivers in this area. Talking to reporters, one of the 4 drivers gathered here said that due to the attractive FastGo policy, which initially did not attract commission, committed to sales of VND 25 million per month, many drivers sold the car. to buy a Fadil car running FastGo. However, after nearly 2 months of driving, the revenue of these drivers is not enough even for 12 hours online every day. The reason this driver said is because “FastGo has no customers”. Buying a car on installments, but not enough revenue, drove the drivers into paying interest and leading to the problem.

Answering to ICTnews about the incident, the representative of FastGo said: These are 3 (initially recorded as 4) individual drivers among many driver partners who buy VinFast Fadil and join as FastGo drivers as agreed upon. Cooperate with FastGo.

Specifically, according to the agreement, the driver partners who buy VinFast Fadil cars through the VinFastCar program will be committed to revenue of up to VND 25 million / month if they meet the reception rate of 90%. However, FastGo said: “In October 2019, the three drivers who caused the aforementioned incidents did not meet the committed conditions, especially the very low completion rate, which received the hoe. canceling or failing to pick up guests. ” According to the statistics of FastGo, the completion rate of the ride of 3 drivers is from 52 – 72%.

“Because the three drivers mentioned above do not fully meet the agreed business conditions, they will not be entitled to the policy as committed,” FastGo said.

According to a representative of FastGo, the company FastGo still considers and supports part of the revenue for the driver partners. However, after receiving the revenue control, the three drivers mentioned above did not agree.

“FastGo Company would like to affirm that the cooperation agreement and commitment with driving partners are completely voluntary, transparent and well-informed. During the operation, FastGo always gives priority and reserved good benefits. best for partners to use Fadil vehicles to serve customers. ”

Earlier, in August, FastGo Vietnam announced the cooperation agreement with VinFast, bringing 1,500 VinFast Fadil cars to the technology car service. With this agreement, FastGo’s driver partners will be entitled to a special support policy when ordering a car such as a 0% installment payment via credit card or a preferential interest rate if they borrow from a bank to buy a car. In addition, FastGo also has a policy to ensure income for drivers with an income of about 25 million VND / month when registering to participate in the service and meet the conditions set out.


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Source : ICTNews