The documentary “Inside Bill’s Brain – Decoding Bill Gates” and the lesson for you: The difference between a master and an ordinary person lies in 4 points

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Referring to Bill Gates, maybe you and I are the same, immediately think of words like money, the world’s top billionaire, CEO of Microsoft. Gates has a genius mind, he has for 13 consecutive years leading the Forbes “Global Rich List”.

However, after watching the documentary “Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates”, only learned that, it was because of this world that he spent so much.

1. Facing the problem, create the 3rd option

In episode 1 of the documentary, when he learned that South Africans often suffer from dysentery due to problem water, many children have even died of the disease, Gates thought of renovating the protective system. birth, and universal toilet flush there.

Bộ phim tài liệu Inside Bills Brain - Decoding Bill Gates và bài học dành cho bạn: Sự khác biệt giữa cao thủ và người bình thường nằm ở 4 điểm - Ảnh 1.

He has sent letters to many famous universities, hoping to receive help.

But, no messages were replied.

For a variety of reasons, experts believe that Gates’ idea is not feasible, either to spend tens of billions to make the wastewater treatment system, or to give up.

Gates did not give up, he wanted to find an effective method but the price is cheaper for this problem.

When way 1, then way 2 is not feasible, really talented people will often look for the third way.

Gates never asked if the problem was difficult to solve, instead he would ask:

Why is this problem not solved?

What methods have you tried?

Any method not yet tried?


He constantly asked questions, answered questions, and pondered. After asking again and again, gradually understanding the problem, building a framework of access to the most critical truth, they found a third option.

The so-called third option is that in addition to the two options of fighting and escaping, it is a way of thinking, thinking, and it is also a better way to solve the problem.

This concept was soon mentioned in Stephen Richards Covey’s “Option 3”, he proposed a new “collaborative” thinking model, indicating that there was an external third option “of”. you “and” my “.

In everyday life, there are many things that always have a third option.

For example, you can both be a strong woman and be a good mother.

You can learn design and finance at the same time.

You can both develop a favorable career, and be able to get along with your colleagues.

Perhaps each incident will have only two options? Not really, just that they are often before thinking about problems or making decisions often do not ask themselves that “are there any other options?”

The reason we are always in a “dilemma”, in large part because of our limited vision, thinking and perspective being obscured by ourselves, thinks that the immediate choice is everything. The higher you stand, the farther you look, the more you think about how many solutions you can think of.

There are people, even lazy to think, to ask questions, to have a habit of choosing methods that are familiar to them.

Sometimes, you may just need to ask one more question, one may have experienced the same situation and given you advice, that might be when the third option appears.

Therefore, the difference between a normal person and a good person usually lies in thinking a little more, asking more questions, this helps them get closer to the core of the problem.

Bộ phim tài liệu Inside Bills Brain - Decoding Bill Gates và bài học dành cho bạn: Sự khác biệt giữa cao thủ và người bình thường nằm ở 4 điểm - Ảnh 2.

2. Eliminate distractions and deepen your thoughts

Bill Gates from the 1990s has formed a habit of “thinking week”.

Every time, he would stay in the reading room, close the door, read a book, in a quiet environment no one bothered so, he read while thinking for a week.

The time Bill Gates called “CPU time”, because his brain is like a CPU, operating at a fast speed, handling all kinds of problems.

This reminds me of Warren Buffett.

He once said: “The best way to invest in thinking is to stay alone in a room, to think quietly. If that doesn’t work, other ways will be useless.”

Having trouble, thanks to teammates for help, getting the whole team together has become our habit in both work and life, but talented people prefer quiet thinking alone.

The downside of discussing so many people is that it does not help us understand or rearrange the cause and effect of more complicated matters. Especially in an environment where an opinion is raised every 5 minutes, it is difficult for you to quickly grasp whether the given opinion is reasonable or not, and it is very easy to get the opinion of others. interrupting your point of view, important details will be easily overlooked.

So, arrange yourself a reasonable amount of quiet time, eliminate all distractions, deepen your thoughts, combine the cause of the outcome with the complex relationships behind, maybe you will Find out more reasonable and more complete methods.

As long as it is, arranging yourself an independent period of time to deepen your thinking can also help us to lead others.

I knew a sister, who when she was young at work, she was often upset like this: why the level of education of the superiors was not even equal to her, but when criticized, the boss could See things that you can’t, think of ways you can’t think of?

Colleagues all said it was because of the rich leadership experience, but my sister did not believe it.

She began to force herself to find the problem, deepen her mind, and set up a study plan, based on the goals of the work, and every day after work, she sat at home to study by herself. and ponder.

Just like that, over a period of time, she started catching the beat. See the problem, think the way, work, everything becomes smoother and more creative than before.

Therefore, we all should consider deepening the thinking as a big deal, having a problem of thinking first, learning more, spending more time thinking, and absolutely avoiding laziness. in mind.

Bộ phim tài liệu Inside Bills Brain - Decoding Bill Gates và bài học dành cho bạn: Sự khác biệt giữa cao thủ và người bình thường nằm ở 4 điểm - Ảnh 3.

3. Expanding relationships, sometimes teaching good people

Investors Charlie Munger once mentioned in “Poor Charlie’s Almanack” that: “Any problem is actually a system.”

This means that if you want to solve problems, especially complex ones, you need to rely on a variety of reliable ways of thinking.

But because of limitations in expertise and fields, it is often difficult for us to understand the pattern of diversified thinking, we are even more easily framed by thinking, unable to see other possibilities. In psychology, they call it: framing effect.

Therefore, we need to expand our relationships, associate with people with knowledge and visions.

In the documentary “Inside Bill’s Brain,” the director showed the relationship circle of Bill Gates, including “lead” Kent Evans, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and even his best friend. current Warren Buffett.

Speaking of Buffett, although the age gap between the two is 25 years old, doing different jobs, but the soul is extremely informed. Everyday, not only do they play cards, play golf, eat meals, travel, but they also discuss business and investment together, Gates always has Buffett if he has any questions to get suggestions.

People who are really talented, always proactively associate with elite figures in other professions and fields.

Many times, if you only study a major, only look at the problem from a fixed angle, then when thinking about the problem, you will easily fall into the wrong area: “in the hands of a hammer, in Every eye is a nail. ”

Suppose you are currently in the field of technology, others only read magazines related to technology, and you through interacting with people in different fields, gaining a lot of knowledge about birth. For example, then you can of course create ideas that others don’t think of.

Conversely, if your major is biology, but you also know more about artificial intelligence, then it is clear that you have an advantage over those who only know biology, When you have a problem, you can also see it at a larger angle and more dimensional.

Being in contact with people in different fields, you are helping yourself to avoid the limit of professional competence. It allows you to have a variety of thinking and new perspectives when looking at an object or thinking about a problem.

The more diverse the views, the more natural the way of solving problems.

Bộ phim tài liệu Inside Bills Brain - Decoding Bill Gates và bài học dành cho bạn: Sự khác biệt giữa cao thủ và người bình thường nằm ở 4 điểm - Ảnh 4.

4. Constantly learning, searching for answers through reading

Bill Gates, a few days ago, shared a list of books for this summer.

Each year, the reading list of Bill Gates attracts great attention. Everyone knows that Gates is an avid reader, in the documentary, his secretary must prepare him a large bag of typical works of different kinds every week, so that he can refocus. and then read the book right away.

Every hour, Gates could read 150 pages of books, and remember up to 90% of the content in it, for books on the same subject, he would select at least 5 books for comparison. Through reading, he can quickly find accurate solutions for the areas he wants to find.

This is one of the methods of solving problems of talented people. Constantly learning, not only relying on individual ability, but also the ability to find answers from books, constantly expanding the frontiers of knowledge, standing on the shoulders of giants to see the problem.

Many people often say that reading is useless, but after all, it is just a small number of books you read and you read but do not bring your mind into the reading process.

When we have a little “self-interest”, really see reading as a tool to help solve problems, is the way to help find the answers, you will discover, reading books is not really difficult as expected. statue.

When you don’t know how to improve your communication, read a book.

When you want to learn about financial investing, create a foundation for investing, read books.

When you enter a new field, you want to know how to look at the future market perspective, read books …

Reading is far more beneficial than what you know, it helps us to see through our ignorance, address the limitations of problem recognition, absorb new information or private models. effective only.

So, when you have trouble at work, when you are vague in life, how to relieve yourself? Please read the book.

The more we learn, the more we read, the more we can look at the problem from a different perspective and way of thinking, instead of being confined to the old experience.

Because you can find in the books hundreds of thousands of different stories, cultural histories of different countries, the intellectual crystals of the gurus, those things are still shining despite their experience. hundreds of thousands of years.

The more you read, the less you have to take a detour.

Bộ phim tài liệu Inside Bills Brain - Decoding Bill Gates và bài học dành cho bạn: Sự khác biệt giữa cao thủ và người bình thường nằm ở 4 điểm - Ảnh 5.

At the end of the documentary, the reporter asked: Could he have never thought that it was too hard, really hard, wanted to give up?

Gates repeated the words “too hard”.

But soon, he said, “Sometimes, you really can’t help but say” or you just give up “, sometimes, you can’t help but say” I need more effort “.”

Strong and talented people like Bill Gates are still working hard every day, they ask questions when they have problems, look for better solutions from better people and books, and apply it to your answer.

This is the method and mindset that talented people use to solve problems, and it is well worth the ordinary people learning for life.


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