The coolest accessory from Anker to go with your mobile phone

Tram Ho

Are you an iPhone fan? Are you looking for an accessory that is both personal and versatile for your iPhone? Then it is possible that the Anker 622 Power Bank (MagGo) is the item you need: a wireless power bank that is both neat, solves your energy problems, and shows your personality. with all kinds of colors.

Young designers and entrepreneurial

Anker 622 (MagGo) power bank is aimed at convenience while ensuring the aesthetics of your phone. Owning a size of only 104.9 x 66.5 x 12.7 mm, comes with a light weight of 141g, Anker 622 can fit neatly on the back of your phone. You can still attach the charger to the back of the phone and use it normally without feeling entangled and uncomfortable. The product is designed with 5 different colors, especially in Vietnam market, there are 3 colors black, white and purple to help you freely choose the most suitable for your preferences and personality.

Món phụ kiện cực chất tới từ Anker đi cùng dế yêu của bạn - Ảnh 1.

Anker 622 (MagGo) power bank that comes with iPhone is very handy and beautiful

In addition, you also do not need to worry about the problem of the charger being dropped or dropped during the process of holding, using and carrying it to many places. Because Anker has integrated magnetic core technology into this Anker 622 (MagGo) power bank, the device is very compatible with MagSafe technology, always attached to your iPhone at any place. where.

Features: small but mighty

Anker 622 (MagGo) power bank has a USB-C port that acts as both an Input port to charge itself and an Output port to charge other devices with a capacity of 5V. Although compact, Anker 622 (MagGo) still owns an impressive battery of up to 5000mAh. With such duration, Anker 622 can provide about 2 full charges for iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 13 and 13 Pro; and about 1 full charge for the 12 and 13 Pro Max series. Manufacturer Anker advertises that you can get up to 17 more hours of use for your iPhone when used with Anker 622 (MagGo). Besides, this baby is also favored by Anker with safety technologies such as MultiProtect to protect the device when charging. The charging capacity of Anker 622 is also limited to only 7.5W to ensure the safety and temperature of the device when charging.

Some notes when using Anker 622 (MagGo)

– Anker 622 (MagGo) is only compatible with iPhone models that support MagSafe technology. That means only iPhone 12 and 13 models can be used with Anker 622 (MagGo) (except for the mini version in both lines).

– If you use other accessories (for example, a case), you also need to use genuine Apple MagSafe cases for Anker 622 (MagGo) to be compatible and charge normally.

– Metal or magnetic objects such as cards, keys can also affect the charging quality.

With the original price of 1,400,000 VND, you can already own an extremely cool accessory from the Anker brand, meeting all your needs: a compact, convenient and beautiful wireless rechargeable battery. With so many great advantages, what are you waiting for without buying yourself one to dispel the worry of running out of battery for your phone, and also a very fashionable accessory? Anker 622 (MagGo) power bank is currently available on its official shopping page on Lazada e-commerce platform , the link is here with attractive offers! In addition, do not forget to follow and learn about other genuine products from the Anker brand by visiting Anker’s official website.

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