The cooler the weather, the less you should not use a folding screen Samsung phone

Tram Ho

Undeniably, Samsung has released a lot of great futuristic devices in the recent past. These are foldable smartphones like the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. But alas, their screens aren’t ideal. Especially in winter.

Thời tiết càng lạnh thì càng không nên dùng điện thoại Samsung màn hình gập - Ảnh 1.

Hanoi is entering the peak cold wave of this winter. On the morning of January 8, the weather dropped to as low as 9 degrees Celsius. However, that was still not “good” to make mobile devices stop working like in Korea. Specifically, on January 8, in Seoul, the outdoor temperature dropped to -18 degrees Celsius. This has caused trouble for some people who own Samsung folding screen devices like the Galaxy Fold. and Galaxy Z Flip. They just need to open them gently enough to damage them.

Thời tiết càng lạnh thì càng không nên dùng điện thoại Samsung màn hình gập - Ảnh 2.

The cause of the faulty screen is said to be too cold. Folded screens are susceptible to damage at lower temperatures than normal screens. Cold temperatures cause most materials to shrink and panels can deform much more easily than flat screens, most likely to result in permanent damage. Owners have provided a wide range of pictures of those phones on various technology forums to complain about.

The big problem is difficult to say. So far, however, the number of complaints is believed to be low. Many comments said that this could be a fake. No one has verified whether the above images are correct or not. Hopefully Samsung will step in and clarify as soon as possible.

Source: Sammobile

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