The community enjoyed the Faker interview with ChatGPT

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In recent times, artificial intelligence AI is being talked about a lot. The reason comes from the fact that ChatGPT – a communication program based on artificial intelligence AI was developed and attracted worldwide attention. Even in Vietnam, many people have had the opportunity to experience ChatGPT. And recently, this program has appeared in the professional League of Legends village through an interview with Faker.

ChatGPT là công cụ giao tiếp được tạo ra nhờ trí tuệ nhân tạo AI

ChatGPT is a communication tool created by artificial intelligence AI

Accordingly, the page Kikunews said, they decided to test ChatGPT in a recent interview with Faker. Just enter the condition including “Faker is the greatest player in Esports history. But he hasn’t won an international championship since 2017. He lost in the final of Esports.” World Finals (Worlds) in 2022 and only runner-up. Prepare a few interview questions for Faker.”

Faker là đã được phỏng vấn bởi ChatGPT

Faker was interviewed by ChatGPT

ChatGPT’s questions after that were mostly rated as common, without any questions that were too sensitive or could make Faker confused. However, the League of Legends community was quite interested when the greatest player in the history of League of Legends was one of the first to be interviewed using ChatGPT.

As for Faker, he also has a remarkable answer about the formula that has kept him at his peak when playing professionally despite winning countless glory. Accordingly, Faker said that he has always been a performance-oriented person when competing. At the same time, the cheers of the audience also gave him a lot of motivation.

Faker thừa nhận chính tính cách hướng đến chiến thắng và sự cổ vũ của khán giả đã giúp bản thân duy trì phong độ đỉnh cao

Faker admits that it is his winning personality and the cheers of the audience that have helped him maintain his peak performance.

Chances are, after Faker, the LoL audience will also see many interviews via ChatGPT. However, it is also suggested that if artificial intelligence can synthesize information to generate more compelling questions, these interviews will be even more effective.

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