The “Cold Tube” cooling system uses half the energy of an air conditioner

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An air conditioner is a device that helps to cool the office and home space very effectively. But they usually consume a large amount of electricity during use. And this is clearly the biggest air conditioning problem.

Hệ thống làm mát Cold Tube sử dụng một nửa năng lượng của máy điều hòa không khí - Ảnh 1.

Therefore, a group of scientists has been developing an alternative to air conditioning during the summer months. The measuring solution is called Cold Tube. This system works by absorbing heat emitted from the human body, reducing the amount of electricity used by up to half compared to traditional cooling systems.

Air conditioning consumes so much power that it has led to a host of eco-friendly solutions, from mist for cooling to solar powered ones. creating hot water at the same time. In 2018, billionaire Richard Branson even launched a contest worth $ 3 million to improve the air conditioner and save more energy.

With the same idea, the Cold Tube team is planning to build a new generation of air conditioners, which will make cooling more efficient.

Scientists from the University of British Columbia, Princeton University, University of California, Berkeley and Singapore-ETH Center have found a solution towards dehumidification, an important function of today’s air-conditioning systems. .

“The air conditioner works by cooling and dehumidifying the air around us. But it’s expensive and not very friendly ,” said Adam Rysanek from the University of British Columbia . The Cold Tube system works by absorbing the heat directly emitted by the radiation of the person in the room without having to cool the airflow while passing through their skin. .

The system will utilize the amount of natural heat that is drawn from the warmer surface to the colder surface through radiation and the layout of rectangular wall or ceiling panels with cold water running through. They are of course encased in an airtight and moisture-proof film to avoid accumulation of water vapor.

Hệ thống làm mát Cold Tube sử dụng một nửa năng lượng của máy điều hòa không khí - Ảnh 2.
Hệ thống làm mát Cold Tube sử dụng một nửa năng lượng của máy điều hòa không khí - Ảnh 3.

This membrane allows radiation to pass through and whenever a person stands next to the wall or below the ceiling where the panels are located, the body temperature is radiated and sucked in by these cooling sheets, That creates a cool feeling without the need for moisture in the air.

Cold Tube was tested in Singapore last year. Almost 55 participants reported feeling “cool” and comfortable despite the temperature in the room is 30 degrees Celsius.

Eric Teitelbaum, a member of the research team, said: “Since the Cold Tube system makes people feel cool without having to absorb the humidity in the air, we believe Cold Tube can help reduce the level by 50%. energy consumption of traditional air conditioners in the right spaces “.

Hệ thống làm mát Cold Tube sử dụng một nửa năng lượng của máy điều hòa không khí - Ảnh 4.

Researchers believe that Cold Tube’s current design is well-suited for outdoor events, such as summer fairs, concerts and markets. However, its main purpose is to continue to improve to replace the traditional air conditioner in the home and office.

Because Cold Tube does not interfere with indoor air temperature and humidity, users can completely open their windows to catch the wind even on hot summer days. Cold Tube promises to become the optimal cooling system for many homes in North America and developing economies in the near future.

Research on the Cold Tube system has been published in the recent Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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