The Clubhouse app officially docked Android after a year of exclusive rights on iOS

Tram Ho

After more than a year exclusively on iOS, the social networking platform Clubhouse has officially launched a version for Android. Currently available in beta in the US market, allowing Android users can sign up and join the broadcasting halls of this social network. Other markets around the world will also soon have an Android version in the near future.

In a blog post on the company, Clubhouse said: “Our plan over the next few weeks is to gather feedback from the community, fix any issues, and refine a few more features. final things like billing or club creation, before broader rollout ”.

Ứng dụng Clubhouse chính thức cập bến Android sau một năm độc quyền trên iOS - Ảnh 1.

Clubhouse said that the Android version of the social network was a top request from the community of users. Users outside the US market can now register on the Google Play Store, to receive notifications when the Android app launches in their region.

However, Clubhouse said the social networking platform is still open to invitees only. This means that it is not open to all users yet. Clubhouse said there are still millions of iOS users on the waiting list, and by the end of the summer these users will be given official accounts.

Ứng dụng Clubhouse chính thức cập bến Android sau một năm độc quyền trên iOS - Ảnh 2.

Even though account registration is very limited, the Clubhouse platform still resonates significantly. In part, thanks to the participation of so many famous people, including Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

In a recent announcement, Clubhouse had to admit the growth was much faster than expected. However, Clubhouse still wants to stifle this growth by not giving new users the freedom to sign up. The aim is to perfect the foundation and create high-quality radio broadcasts, before the number of users grows.

Reference: theverge

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