The Chinese company successfully developed AI that accurately recognizes a person through voice

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The Chinese AI startup, iFlytek, says it has developed an AI technology that can accurately identify a person thanks to his / her voice, for the purpose of use in operations. act law.

The company expects to be able to deploy voice recognition systems across China over the next two to three years, according to Fu Zhonghua, deputy director of iFlytek Research Center.

The Chinese artificial intelligence technology market has great potential to help iFlytek grow after the company imposed sanctions on the U.S. in connection with the Chinese government's crackdown on Muslims, which have been heavily criticized. masonry in the international arena.

" Because the recordings are important evidence in phone scams, the demand for voice recognition is on the rise," Fu said.

This speech recognition tool takes advantage of iFlytek in the field of using AI to analyze data. Thanks to the big data, the current speech recognition technology will be enhanced, thereby improving accuracy.

Công ty Trung Quốc phát triển thành công AI nhận diện chính xác một người thông qua giọng nói - Ảnh 1.

IFlytek's tool will be mainly used for law enforcement and telephone surveillance activities. A system capable of detecting the voices of suspected suspects and automatically stamping machines has been piloted in a number of localities in China since 2018. Within the next 2-3 years, it will deployed on a national scale – Fu said.

Of course, this technology can also be used in a broader field, such as finance. China Construction Bank (state-owned) previously introduced two-layer voice authentication, in addition to traditional cryptographic methods.

IFlytek startup is one of the pioneering companies in AI development program sponsored by the Chinese government. The company received a grant of up to $ 39.4 million in 2018, equivalent to about 3% of its revenue.

References: Nikkei

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