The Chinese company launched a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor located in … the camera cluster

Tram Ho

Gionee – a Chinese smartphone brand that seems to be bankrupt, suddenly returned last month and launched a smartphone with a battery up to … 10000mAh. Recently, the brand has continued to launch an equally quirky machine, this time with regard to fingerprint sensor placement.

This is the Gionee K3 Pro. At first glance, this machine is nothing really special. It is equipped with MediaTek Helio P60 chip, 6 / 8GB RAM, 128GB internal memory, 6.5 inch HD + water drop screen and 4000mAh battery.

Hãng Trung Quốc ra mắt smartphone có cảm biến vân tay đặt ở... cụm camera - Ảnh 1.

However, if you look at the image above and think that this machine is equipped with 4 cameras, then you are wrong – because 1 of the 4 “lenses” is actually the fingerprint sensor of the device.

Perhaps this is the first time that a manufacturer has integrated a fingerprint sensor in this position. Not surprising as well, since this is not a convenient location to place the fingerprint sensor. Users will have to with very far fingers to touch it, not to mention they will quickly dirty the surrounding camera lenses because of countless mistaken touches.

Hãng Trung Quốc ra mắt smartphone có cảm biến vân tay đặt ở... cụm camera - Ảnh 2.

However, the relatively comfortable price of only 2.3 million VND (6GB RAM version) and 3 million VND (8GB RAM version) of the K30 Pro will probably make many people willing to “live with the flood”.

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Source : Genk