The CEO of the company specializing in disinfection said: iPhone is dirty like toilet seat, body is covered with … waste

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You should know how dirty and disgusting your iPhone is. I mean, really, really dirty phones. Not a little dirtier than the toilet seat, it’s 10 to 20 times dirtier. The number of people using their phones while sitting in the bathroom and on the toilet, and that’s part of the problem. Half of the phones are tested by a series of other studies “They are really, really dirty, ” said veteran tech investor and CEO of Vioguard sterilization company Chris Barrow.

This leader is probably not wrong when it comes to cleaning issues of the iPhone you are using.

Of 1,200 people taking a survey in VitalVio’s 2019, 88% said they use a smartphone while in the bathroom. Mobile device tests show that phones can contain bacteria like E. coli. Alarmingly, nearly 25% of those said they never cleaned their phones. More than 1 in 4 men admit that they never clean their phones, while that ratio is 1 in 5 for women.

Barrow (also the founder of venture capital firm Imagen Capital Partners) is an expert in the field of smartphone cleaning, which has become very important in the COVID-19 era.

Vioguard sells ultraviolet (UVC) devices designed to blow away bacteria for businesses. These devices – which cost as much as $ 2,000 – have a compartment that allows you to hold a lot of technological equipment. You put them there, close the door, and the sterilization process starts. Barrow claims its products kill bacteria more effectively than traditional disinfectant wipes.

CEO công ty chuyên về khử trùng nhận định: iPhone bẩn như bệ ngồi toilet, toàn thân máy phủ đầy…chất thải - Ảnh 1.

Vioguard disinfection equipment

Imagen initially invested US $ 5 million in Vioguard in January 2017. Barrow soon took over as CEO Vioguard. He said that this business is growing steadily at 25-30% / year in the context of the great demand for products in hospitals. Since the epidemic broke out, Barrow said sales have risen 1,000% thanks to new partners in new segments such as hotel and retail.

Hospitals have long known that UVC technology is very effective. We’ve been selling this product in hospitals for a long time, and hospitals love this technology. They know it works.” “What is happening right now is that people are starting to realize that it is the most effective way to kill bacteria and disinfect your phone not only in the medical environment, ” – Barrow added.

Reference: YahooFinance

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