The case of the livestream queen being locked up for “tax evasion”: Just the tip of the iceberg, the Chinese streamer world is like sitting on fire

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Chinese media quoted a tax official as saying that there are still many famous streamers under tax investigation, the amount of tax evasion has stunned the public, “up to several hundred million yuan”.

What did Chinese media forecast after this event?

On December 21, “Shell Finance”, a financial media channel under the Beijing News of Chinese media, quoted a tax official as saying that the famous streamers under investigation are just the tip of the iceberg. iceberg, the supervisory department’s tax audit for this industry is still underway.

This person also said that in addition to Wei Ya, there are a number of other streamers who are not convenient to reveal their identities. These streamers have all paid taxes, the more they investigate, the more they find the gap, the specific number is not disclosed, but it is possible to know that “this amount is shocking to the public, at least a few hundred million. .” He also said that the parties have negotiated the right time to announce other famous streamers, the specific punishment will not be announced on the same day.


Vụ nữ hoàng livetream bị phong sát vì "trốn thuế": Chỉ là phần nổi của tảng băng chìm, giới streamer Trung Quốc như ngồi trên lửa - Ảnh 1.

State media channel, Xinhua News Agency reported, from September 2021, the State Tax Administration of China has informed the relevant streamers that, before the end of 2021 if they actively report and immediately fix the problems. tax-related issues, they can be reduced or exempted from penalties as prescribed by law. Currently, thousands of streamers have actively self-checked and paid tax compensation.

A post on the 21st “Chinese Discipline Inspection and Supervision Report” in the media affiliated to the Central Commission for Discipline of the Communist Party of China, claimed that the punishments for Wei Ya gave see the authority and fairness of tax law. While emphasizing that the livestream website is not an “outlaw venue”, the practitioners involved must have a social responsibility appropriate to their income and status.

Wei Ya (Huang Wei), known by the nickname “The big sister of the livestream industry”, is a typical character in the trend of “livestream sales”. On the 20th, it was reported that due to tax evasion of 634 million yuan and 60 million yuan of underpayment of taxes, a total of 1.341 billion yuan in taxes and penalties for late payment had been collected. The incident also hints at Beijing’s influence in promoting “common prosperity”, the watchdog has targeted the industry with its staggering economic scale.

The upcoming moves of the Chinese tax authorities

“Livestream sales” is one of the fastest growing emerging industries in China in recent years. The Reuters site has quoted consulting firm McKinsey, forecasting that China’s livestream industry revenue will reach $423 billion in 2022, more than double the 2020 valuation, even given the economies of scale. larger than countries like Norway and Ireland. In addition, according to the report of the China Acting Industry Association 2020. The livestream industry is at the forefront of Internet development with 617 million users and 130 million streamers,

As a result, China expands its regular tax investigation to all top entertainers of the entertainment world including influencers (KOLs), free online streamers. This is part of a campaign to clean up the entertainment industry and toxic idol culture that started last month. Until the end of this year, high-income artists who voluntarily declare their income correctly can receive reduced penalties or immunity from crimes before the Chinese tax authorities step in.

Vụ nữ hoàng livetream bị phong sát vì trốn thuế: Chỉ là phần nổi của tảng băng chìm, giới streamer Trung Quốc như ngồi trên lửa - Ảnh 1.

The investigation is planned as a double randomization, in which the subject of the investigation and the inspector are randomly assigned to each other, according to an announcement by China’s National General Administration of Taxation on Saturday. The agency sets a deadline of the end of the year for stars to earn “huge” income, with those who do not comply will be severely punished by both the management agency and the entertainment association.

According to Chinese law, failure to pay overdue taxes and fines within the stipulated time as required by the authorities will face criminal charges.

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