The breakthrough smartphone photography in 2020 is calling for Samsung

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But this gap is gradually narrowing with breakthroughs coming from Samsung with the Galaxy S20 super product just launched not long ago.

Motivation comes from the desire to perfect user experience

If before, when it comes to the reason to take pictures on the phone, people often just think of the compact can always carry with you wherever you go without talking about image quality. The limitations of the lens and sensor make photos taken from smartphones only used for normal purposes or for fun.

Đột phá nhiếp ảnh smartphone năm 2020 đang gọi tên Samsung - Ảnh 1.

It is the modest physical size to make it convenient, making it impossible to bring large sensors or huge lenses like a camera inside a smartphone. But increasing user demand for image quality has become a driving force for manufacturers like Samsung to find ways to erase this difference.

Revolutionary breakthroughs

Remember when the Galaxy S9 was launched by Samsung in 2018, for the first time in the world, a smartphone had a unique aperture mechanism that resembled professional camera lenses. It somewhat solves the problem of light when taking pictures on phones, as well as paving the way for later hardware developments.

Đột phá nhiếp ảnh smartphone năm 2020 đang gọi tên Samsung - Ảnh 2.

The camera with a larger aperture, better low light shooting increases the image quality as well as convenience for the user. Along with the development of hardware, it is impossible not to mention the importance of processing algorithms.

Đột phá nhiếp ảnh smartphone năm 2020 đang gọi tên Samsung - Ảnh 3.

The ultra-dark mode on the Galaxy Note10 has resonated when it is possible to take pictures that look like daytime no matter the lighting conditions, showing how powerful the code is. It is the clever combination of hardware and software that has contributed to bringing smartphone photography beyond normal limits.

Not only asymptotic, but also to excel

If the Galaxy S9 or Note10 is a perfect momentum, with the Galaxy S20, Samsung has really made a spectacular breakthrough. The radical upgrades on the camera both in hardware and software have once again brought photography on phones not only asymptotic but in some cases even more superior than cameras.

The addition of a new sensor is larger than not only the size but also the number of pixels that have brought new standards to image quality on smartphones. With dimensions of up to 1 / 1.33 “, Galaxy S20 Ultra has become the phone with the largest sensor at the moment, helping it achieve image quality equivalent to high-end cameras.

Đột phá nhiếp ảnh smartphone năm 2020 đang gọi tên Samsung - Ảnh 4.

Along with the resolution of the Galaxy S20 64 MP or even 108 MP on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, not only phones but also the cameras must also show “jealous” about the details as well as the strength in stitching. post production that this super product brings.

Besides, the camera on the Galaxy S20 trio also brings the ability to record video in the first 8K standard in the world of smartphones. Not only are the resolution and display sizes enormous, but these videos also elevate the creativity for content producers for the future. This is a good sign that the phone has been able to do things that a camera is hard to do. At the same time, a certain point that not every current smartphone can do, is the ability to extract 8K quality images from 8K videos shot with Galaxy S20 series.

Speaking of Galaxy S20 Ultra, it is impossible not to mention the unique folding lens that can optical zoom up to 10X, giving users the same photography experience as on a professional camera. Combining the power of processing algorithms, this lens is also capable of zooming to 30X or even 100X, far beyond the capabilities of even high-end zoom lenses on the camera.

On the other hand, the software on the Galaxy S20 also possesses a feature that helps users in the same scene and subject but just one shot can record not only one but many photos, videos with different angles and ways. different shooting.

Đột phá nhiếp ảnh smartphone năm 2020 đang gọi tên Samsung - Ảnh 5.

No more wasting time setting back and forth or wondering what lens to use, it’s all been “thought” and done by you for the Galaxy S20’s artificial intelligence. Single Take or One Paragraph makes the experience of taking beautiful photos now easier than ever when you can freely choose all the best of a moment.

Everyone knows the goal has to come, but only constant effort can produce real results. Galaxy S20 / S20 Ultra is the result when Samsung once again showed the world that there are only real breakthroughs not only in software but even hardware that can bring smartphone photography to a new standard. .

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